Europe is Committing Social Euthenasia

Giulio Meotti

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For years, liberal newspapers used to be worried about the horrors of a "population explosion" (as was the implacable Anne Ehrlich, author in 1968, with her husband Paul, of the infamous "The Population Bomb", which for 1980 predicted the extinction of whales, and the transformation of the UK into a desolate land).

Today, the same media wonder if Europe is really "going to survive." At this time the answer is no. The collapse has begun. Nihilism thrives in Europe.

A new book written by Alejandro Macarrón Larumbe, "El demographic suicide de España", delivers a death sentence for Europe. Down from the current 47 million inhabitants, Spain is expected to be below 35 million in thirty years. "Spain is going through a severe economic crisis, but much more dangerous, even if little attention is paid, is its population crisis."

Macarrón Larumbe writes that "in 21 out of 50 Spanish provinces, there are more deaths than births," and without the contribution of the children of immigrants, the number of provinces with declining populations would be at least 40. Larumbe writes of the "demographic death to which we are condemned."

The former governor of the Bank of Italy, Antonio Fazio, in his new essay "Development and Demographic Decline in Europe and the World", writes about the Italian population, which it is the most aged in thef world. "If there are no increases in the coming decades of the fertility rate, the number of  Italians will be halved." Fazio writes about "a kind of social euthanasia".

The German giant is also ditching. A study published by the Federal Institute for Population Research indicates a nihilistic trend: "Germany has made its way to the ideal of a voluntary renunciation of children." The weekly Der Spiegel had a long article titled "A Land without Children."

In 1910, during the Belle Epoque, two million children were born every year in Germany. A century later, with fifty percent more people less than 700.000 are born per year, of which more than 200.000 are offspring of foreign parents. The number of births in Germany dropped to the level of the post-war period - all this despite government incentives to reverse the trend in what is the most prosperous economy in Europe.

The European Union, which offers its citizens every comfort, with first-rate health care, long holidays and sit-down lunches, protected jobs and generous welfare, has the world's lowest fertility rate (1.47 children per woman) and the highest percentage of a population that is over 65 years old (16.4 per cent of the population in the EU).

It's also the only area of the world where people older than 65  outnumber children as those under the age of fourteen years are only 16.2 per cent.

James Vaupel of the Max Planck Institute predicts that in Europe "families were known to be horizontal - people had a lot of cousins, but few grandparents - in the future they will be vertical, with a few cousins but with four or even five generations living at the same time".

The French demographer Jean-Claude Chesnais, author of "The Crépuscule de l'Occident", writes that it is a unavoidable phenomenon, "a natural cycle of civilization, perhaps something inevitable." And there are even those who, like Mark L. Haas, predict the advent of a "geriatric peace", a sort of large demographic stasis, gray and inert.

The demography expert at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, Nicholas Eberstadt, says "this has never happened before in the history of mankind, it's a terra incognita. In a generation there will be countries in which the only blood relatives will be the parents. You can not conceive how this world will be in fifty years".

Meanwhile, nearly one in three pregnancies in Europe is terminated by abortion, according to the Gutmacher Institute in the US, and all over Europe gay marriage is advancing (France and UK will soon approve it). The model is Spain, where you have no more "father" and "mother", but Parent (progenitor) A, and Parent (progenitor) B.

In the Netherlands, you can order a mobile euthanasia van to your house. It's the first experiment in the world of door-to-door euthanasia and the insurance covers the cost of the operation.

A survey published in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that 64 percent of Dutch psychiatrists accept active euthanasia for patients who also suffer from mental illness.

Even children with disabilities can be "treated" through euthanasia. It's the so-called "Groningen Protocol", the agreement between the association of pediatricians and government. Even in the UK. the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecology has put forward the option of permitting mercy killings of the infants.

"Not even the Nazis thought of this," says Phyllis Bowman, head of the Movement for the right to life. A similar complaint comes from Dr. Karel Gunning of Rotterdam: "Everybody screams murder when it comes to Germany, but the Netherlands is even worse. Hitler did it in secret, we want to do in the light of the sun".

Meanwhile, legalised “shooting galleries” where addicts can inject heroin and other drugs with sterile needles provided by medical professionals will soon open in France.

Macarrón Larumbe closes the book with a grim prophecy: "Without the most valuable resource that exists, the human being, there will be no prosperity or anything in the future, except cemeteries or abandoned villages".

Why does Europe, a continent which chose not to replace itself with children and is condemned to existential angst, hate Israel so much, a country which is still sacrificing its sons in order to fight for the future?

The Jews, they secretly believe, should have been destroyed in the Shoah, and the remnant of them should have been assimilated in a secularized society.

Israel is the living exception. Israel is thriving. Judaism is now the religion of 13 million people, one million more than before the Shoah. There is a moral duty of building the world with God and of going forward, of doing better, of working hard in order to create a better world. This is totally intolerable to the decadent European conscious. Israelis appear to love life and hate death more than any other nation. And they are a people is still able to defend itself against the forces of evil.

Europe has made a covenant with death and by abandoning the Jewish people, it is trying to revert to human sacrifices as well.