State Dep't: Snatching Defeat from the Hands of Victory

The US never lets Israel win. Get ready for Arab riots on a grandiose scale. Anti-ISM head has harsh words for the State Dep't and Israel.

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Lee Kaplan,

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As always, the US State Department has stepped in and arranged another “fight again another day” truce or “ceasefire” to rescue the Arabs from the IDF’s latest efforts to protect the people of Israel. That is noting new.

In 1948, the United States put an arms embargo on the fledgling Jewish state when it was attacked by five Arab armies (today most young people think the US provided Israel arms, but it was Czechoslovakia ).

In 1956, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles assured Arab intransigence against the West and Israel when he insisted Israel withdraw from the Sinai in a war that Israel didn’t start, but was victorious in along with the French and British who sought to open the Suez Canal.

During the October 1973 Yom Kippur War, Henry Kissinger also held up arms for Israel and only acquiesced after Golda Meir told President Richard M. Nixon that Israel would use nuclear weapons against Cairo unless the needed arms were shipped.

In 1982, the IDF had almost wiped out the PLO in Lebanon that was rescued as the US arranged to save Arafat and his thugs by spiriting them to Tunisia.

Again in 2006 the U.S. State department stepped in to rescue Hizbullah and prevent a new arms build up and we all know the result of that.

The U.S also continued to funnel aid to Gaza and the PA despite the kidnapping Gilad Shalit and a refusal by Hamas to allow the Red Cross proof of life.

During subsequent battles and wars with the Arabs, the U.S.State Department has always jumped in to save the Arabs from a complete drubbing so they could come back again and attack the Jewish state.

Have you noticed how the press has not used the word “hudna” lately? That’s the temporary truce like Mohammed used to wipe out an opposing tribe in Saudi Arabia that is outlined in the Koran. The Hamas don’t really engage in truces, they have “hudnas”, you know which mean only a temporary lull in violence before picking up a war again until victory.

So now, thanks to the same Israeli leadership that for some reason cannot even persuade the Americans to insist the Arabs stop the incitement to kill Jews in their television and radio media as a condition for permitting another “hudna”, Israel is expected to give up territorial control of a buffer zone the IDF held along the Gaza fence to keep terrorists out.

The US taxpayer actually funds PA and Hamas TV through the State Department’s USAID and will allow them to broadcast more incitement for war and annihilation of the Jews even as Israel suspends its buffer zone along the Gaza frontier and will have yet another chance for an arms buildup for the next round of rocket attacks against Israelis in the South. Maybe as far north as Tel Aviv with newer Iranian rockets.

This will be a new nightmare for Israel: The “ceasefire, “hudna, “truce” stipulates that the “no go zone” along Gaza’s border with Israel, 300 to a maximum of 1500 yards wide, be opened up to Palestinians who might approach the security fence there.

I suppose this is to show “good faith” on the part of the Israeli government. Of course, “good faith” keeps getting Israelis killed and means nothing to the Arabs, but, like I said, who’s counting when diplomats in suits are bargaining over lunch? Before, if someone ventured into this no man’s land the IDF shot at them to get out or get shot. The ISM activists tried going in with some Arabs they incited a few times as they do all the time in Bi’ilin or Nabi Saleh, but decided they didn’t like being shot at for real.

But all that will change now. Remember the Philadelphi Corridor and Rafah? It was closed to keep Hamas from rearming its terrorists. The ISM began running around in front of tanks and playing chicken there until a girl, an anarchist from Washington State, plunked herself down in front of a bulldozer.

The resulting publicity storm for Hamas eventually opened up Rafah, which had a long term effect in the numbers of missiles fired into Israel. The eventual abandonment of Rafah was due mostly to the bad publicity generated by the Rachel Corrie beatification myth, that strengthened Israel’s implacable Gazan neighbors even more and allowed them to bring all manner of weapons in later on as Rafah was reopened.

Anti-Semites the world over descended on Rafah with money and succor for the Hamas Jew-killers once this was achieved and the tunnels became a thriving business.

If you think the weekly riots in Bi’ilin and Nabi Saleh in Judea and Samaria are a pain, just you wait. With the buffer zone between the Israeli border fence and Gaza now gone, expect loads more of ISM activists “internationals”, to enter Gaza via Egypt and Rafah (Israel can complain to Egypt if this happens, and we all know Egypt won’t do a thing about them).

They will come to organize riots right at Israel’s southern border fence like they do now at the Security Fence. They can and will throw rocks at our soldiers, try to cut the fence and the Israeli leadership will of course expend injuries and treasure from the IDF while trying to use non-lethal means to control ISMers from entering Israel.

You Tube can then feature ISM videos every day on both Israeli borders of ISM human shields for Hamas (a.k.a. in doublespeak as “humanitarians”) from the EU and USA to aid Hamas.

Of course, will Israel will be accused of creating a second “Apartheid Wall” that is really a security fence.

Who thought this one up?

The US State Department - that maintains a dialog with ISM leadership? It surely wasn’t someone Israeli with a son in or who does reserve duty in the IDF.

Remember also that Hamas had to tunnel 750 yards underground to kidnap Gilad Shalit and kill two IDF soldiers. With access to the no go zone, Hamas can more easily fulfill its oft-repeated desire to kill more Israeli soldiers so as to try to have many more Gilad Shalits. With closer access to the fence landmines can also be placed to kill IDF soldiers on the other side.

Get ready for Arab riots on an equally grandiose scale in the South as rockets soon continue to keep 1 million Israelis in shelters anyway. This latest lame-brained idea of the State Department is so fraught with danger as to be the next major nightmare for Israel.

Albert Einstein once described insanity as doing the same mistake over and over again despite knowing the outcome.

We weren't allowed to decisively win this war, we gave Hamas and the Palestinian Arabs what they want, all thanks to pressure from the US State Department.  

God save us from our "friends".