The Die has been Cast

While we are fighting Hamas in the south, and Europe is turning into an anti-Semitic Eurabia, this writer sees the same thing coming in the United States. Readers are asked to give their opinion.

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Shifra Hoffman,

Shifra Hoffman
Shifra Hoffman

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, literally volumes of news reports have been written about the deaths and destruction caused by this killer storm
in areas of United States where it was once thought such natural devastation could never take place.

Analagously , another type of storm has been steadily brewing that ominously threatens the very survival of the Jewish community where
it was also once believed "it" could never happen in America.

This storm's name is anti-Semitism!

No longer is this irrational hatred manifesting itself in the form of quotas for Jewish university students or by barring Jews from prestigous country clubs.

Today, aided and abetted by the creation of the Internet, countless neo-nazi and white supremists groups are allowed to spew thei venomous message that Jews are to blame for the worsening U.S.economy ,as well as for social and racial problems affecting American society. (see website:

One need only to read news reports about the increasing anti-Semitic attacks on Synagogues and other Jewish institutions, (as well as physical attacks upon Jews) throughout the United States, to understand that for these haters, one Holocaust was not enough.

In New Jersey, and other states with large Jewish populations, the words "Kill the Jews " were scrawled on Jewish Federation buildings.!

The popular website: Facebook allowed the posting of a "Kill a Jew" Day that received countless replies with names and pictures of those willing to commit the horrendous act!

Recently a giant swastika was burned into the grass of a huge golf course in California, that had been already targeted in the past.

The New York City Subway, which is utilized daily by millions of people, graphically displayed huge graffiti with this unmistakeable Hitlerian message:

"The world would be a better place if all the Jews were lampshades."

These are but a sampling of a myriad of similar or more violent "incidents" which reveal the sickness of virulent anti-Semitism that has
been festering for some time.

Incredibly, U.S. Jewish leaders, Rabbis,and Organizational heads tend to ignore or minimize these warning signs.and are seemingly
content to place their trust in U.S. democracy and the Constitution which they view as a guarantee of the survival of the American Jewish community.

The most crucial lesson of Jewish history is that a "Constitution " is only as good as the will of the people to uphold it.

Even more worrisome is the fact Israel's leader who are engaged in battling one another for political power, have failed to openly speak out
about this critical issue and warn Jews to emigrate now to Israel.

As for the recent U.S. elections , it is my strongly held belief that for Jews in America,it doesn't matter who was elected President.

In the minds of countless not so genteel gentiles in the United States who have lost their jobs, who cannot pay the mortgage on their homes, and
who have difficulty in making ends meet for barest necessities, (let alone the curtailing of luxuries to which they had become accustomed),

It is the Jew, the eternal scapegoat, who is responsible for their misfortune and must be made to pay the piper.

May the Merciful G-D of Israel , awaken the millions of sleeping Jews in America, and indeed, in the entire Diaspora,not to misread the threatening
times once again, but to pick up, pack up and come home now to the Jewish homeland, Eretz Yisrael before it is too late!