Sandy Came at an Opportune Time for One Candidate

When you see the response to the storm warnings, right before election day, you realize that other things could have been different.

Mark Langfan,

OpEds הסופה פוגעת בניו יורק
הסופה פוגעת בניו יורק
Mark Langfan

It is 6PM New York time on October 26, 1012, and the sky has an eerie grey haze to it. Your intrepid reporter is safely sitting in my pre-World War II ‘solid-as-a brick—house’ apartment building tucked away in the very heart of the 21st century megatropolis of New York City, the epicenter of the once-in-a-century Hurricane Sandy.

I have thousands of uniformed firemen and police officers protecting me. The hatches are battened down. I’ve bought my candle (Lanai scented, of course). The sirens are, sometimes, ablazing. 

This may cause the American people to divert America’s attention from Obama’s “high crimes and misdemeanors” of Benghazi where four Americans including our ‘beloved’ ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens, were murdered (and maybe even sodomized) while President Obama likely watched the “seven hour fight” including the murders live in HD on the White House plasma screen while issuing multiple “stand down”orders to USAFRICOM commanders mobilizing rescue missions.

I was in New York City on September 11, 2001, when I smelled the scent of the sacred burnt flesh of the precious people who were murdered by the evil monsters who perpetrated September 11, 2001. Only after you smell burnt flesh do realize how truly evil the perpetrators of Auschwitz truly were.

But today, I am here today in the eye of the Sandy “Hurricane.”.  I was even in an office building right where the “crane was dangling.” The fire alarm went off, and desk man told me to go out “the other door.”

Wait. The news is flashing, “President Obama grants New York State Gov. Cuomo’s request for federal emergency declaration. If only President Obama granted Ambassador Stevens’ protectors’ “request for a federal emergency declaration,” Ambassador Stevens’ and three other Americans who risked their live trying to save our‘beloved’ Ambassador Stevens’ might still be alive. But, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, with all due firmness, stated: Once again, I thank the President for his quick response to my request for a federal emergency declaration. . . . President Obama’s all too “quick response” to issue a Federal Emergency to New York and bunch of other totally safe states, only belies how non-existent Obama’s response was while our ‘beloved’ Ambassador to Libya was being murdered by Islamist “spontaneous” murderers who were somehow also sporting laser designators.

On second thought, when you have best friends like Bill Ayers who openly admits to and has been convicted of bombing federal buildings including the Pentagon, I guess Obama with vast experience as a ‘community organizer,’ Obama thought bringing “laser designators” to demonstrations was de rigueur.

But it’s now 7:30 PM New York Time. All is really calm so far.

But, the four-star General Carter F. Ham, the highly decorated, erstwhile, commander of USAFRICOM, is rumored to have been “carted” away, and possibly even under arrest by the Obama Regime to an “undisclosed location.” He is rumored to have been “apprehended” aka physically arrested by his second-in-command one General David M. Rodriguez when General Ham was obeying his oath of duty to save our ‘beloved’ Ambassador Stevens, and disregarding Obama’s direct “stand down” order not to save Ambassador Stevens.

Under the laws of the United States, Obama’s appointment of Gen. Rodriguez is subject to Senate confirmation to the post of USAFRICOM commander to which Obama just happened to appoint him immediately after he arrested General Ham. (Et tu, General Rodriguez??) Gen. Rodriguez is subject to Senate interrogation, under oath, of his actions in his, possibly, violent arrest of Four-star General Carter Ham. But, that was when the United States was governed by the US Constitution, and not by the Obama Regime. Maybe the President will decide to “pocket” appointment Gen. Rodriguez as Commander of USAFRICOM like he has appointed countless other Obama functionaries.

But, then there’s the additional unpleasant “recall” aka“arrest” of Admiral Charles M. Gaouette who was commander of the US Central Command Naval US Aircraft Carrier Strike Force who had operational control over the Libya Theater when General Ham was likely ‘arrested’ while he was attempting a rescue of Ambassador Stevens. Admiral Gaouette was recalled for “inappropriate leadership judgment.”

Now what under heaven does that mean?? If you don’t believe me, google it. Where is General Ham being imprisoned by the Obama Regime?? Where is Admiral Gaouette being imprisoned by the Obama Regime?? Why are neither of these men available for news’ interviews?? If they are under arrest by the Obama Regime, we should have been told immediately.

President Obama has just authorized FEMA “under Title V of the Stafford Act to save live and protect property,” and to “provide emergency protective measures(Category B)”. Sounds really scary and I hope the preparations are successful in minimizing loss of life and property.

Does “provide emergency protective measures” include postponing a Federal election for the President of the United States? For, the only thing that was exploding on Sunday was President Obama’s Benghazi “high crimes” where Senator McCain on national TV was citing Obama’s Benghazi actions of a cover-up (or gross negligence) “as bad as Watergate.” A US Ambassador didn’t die in Watergate.

If President Barack H. Obama tries to delay the November 6th election for one nanosecond, although he probably won't because he will want people to remember his dealing with the storm and not have time to remember Benghazi, then you know there has been a coup d’état of the American Republic.