Nobel Peace Prize to EU: Unbearably Politically Correct

The unbearable shallowness of political correctness has never been so blatant.

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Fiamma Nirenstein, Former Italian MP,

Arutz 7

First appeared in l Giornale, October 13th, 2012 and sent to A7 in translation by the writer.

How come the gentlemen of the Nobel Prize Committee are so armored in their tuxedos as not ho feel the cold or the storm ot this european autumn?

They prefer to pat Europe on the shoulders about its strains, and that's understandable, but wait! how did they get the pathetic idea to award the EU the Nobel Prize for Peace? What fantasizing reveries drove them? What entitled them to an unbearably politically correct drift which can’t but cause damage? You never resolve troubles by sweeping them under the carpet!

Spain has a 50% youth unemployment rate, and she is in good company by the way, as Greece has just been the stage of protests against Merkel where Swastikas were waved.

Anti-Semitism resumes,  to the extent of forcing Swedish and French Jews to leave; we are taken aback by the impact of Islamic immigrant communities soaked in radical extremism.

Serbs, Kosovars, Croatians, Azeris, Armenians, Kurds, Cypriots, Ossetians, Chechens, Albanians, Macedonians … just ask any of them as well as any other parties to conflicts how their life is. These restored conflicts are seen through a thin layer of skin, which is barely healed, often with a little help from my friends, the Americans.

Just ask residents of metropolitan areas, trade unions, and governments, which by the way are by now economically conflicting with each other, just ask them whether they see this Europe as a world of peace.

Europe's endeavors in mediation always succeed in worsening situations, for instance in the Middle East, where EU’s anti-Israeli touch repeatedly fails. The bloc’s support to the new Arab revolutions’ governments is concerned about just pleasing and appeasing; it is not capable enough to hammer out agreements to secure moderate regimes. On the contrary, it lets the Muslim Brotherhood affirm its power and its sharia above everything without questioning it and submitting aid depending on good behaviour toward women, freedom of religion, speech, lifestyles.
The Nobel Prize has already been up to all sorts of mischief, just think it landed on Yasser Arafat, creator of mass terrorism; it exalted Mohammed El Baradei, who, when chairing IAEA, played down to almost nil Iran’s nuclear danger; bizarrely, it awarded Obama its prize because he was not George Bush; and Jimmy Carter too, whereas there was so much room for criticism.  And we are still counting.
They all tell the fairy tale of a North European mentality that is too good to be true, which through its fantasies shuns real problems, i.e. the ones pertaining to a Europe we all covet.

A united and genuinely peaceful Europe, not this fake we face today.