They Should Have Walked Out Before A-Jad Began to Speak

Representatives of the United States, Canada and Israel chose not to be present in the U.N. auditorium for Ahmadinejad's speech, which coincided with Yom Kippur, but EU members stayed.

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Fiamma Nirenstein, Former Italian MP,

Arutz 7

The UN General Assembly is in process, with its considerable faults. From Darfur to Syria its inertia was and still is the world's disease. Its choices, met at the Assembly as well as across all its agencies by dint of Islamic and third world majorities, make it a useless yet sometimes harmful big thingamajig.

One deed, however, could have restored significance to it: a serious boycott of Ahmadinejad's address. The Iranian President already took to the podium on Monday during a session on the rule of law... not that he is such an expert on the topic. But he also seems to be a real ignoramus in Middle East history, considered that he stated at the meeting that “Israel has no roots in the Middle East, it has been around only for some sixty years, whereas Iran has been for a thousand years.”

Anyone who reads just the Bible knows that the land and the people of Israel have existed for three thousand five hundred years and their home was and today still is, on and off, right where it is, with all due respect for Persia.

Since 1979 there is a regime however, that keeps reiterating one obsession: the annihilation of Jews. Since 2005, Ahmadinejad has used the UN as a microphone for his genocidal anti-Western theories. This week, he even got to the point of stating that the sanctions for the construction of an outlaw nuclear capacity are a “sacrilege against Islam”.

Twenty officials of the Iranian delegation were denied visas. Last year all delegates walked out of the UN chamber while Ahmadinejad was declaring that the Holocaust never happened and that September 11 was just an American plot. On Monday, UN Ambassador Ron Prosor walked out of the session saying that “The leader of an outlaw country that is a serial violator of the fundamental principles of the rule of law has no place in this hall. It is a shame and disgrace to give him the opportunity to speak … ”

An entire anthology of his quotes meted out from the UNO podium indicates that Ahmadinejad poisons our Zeitgeist, violates laws, foments xenophobic Islam, destroys the remains of the decency of the UN political discourse.

Just a few excerpts from a rich compendium:

In 2007, he defined the USA "selfish and incompetent powers that swear obedience to Satan” and asked whether it was not about time for them "to abandon the path of obeyance to Satan to return to the faith in God”, of course his God.

About the attack on the Twin Towers, his trite theories maintain that “the American government supported it and benefited from it” in order "to boost a declining American economy and keep their hands on the Middle East so to save the Zionist regime” (2001).

On Israel and Zionism, he asserted several times that “they dominate world finances”, reiterating on several occasions that “the very existence of the Zionist regime is an insult to the entire humanity”, that “Israel's downfall will come and it is near” and that “like a cancer cell that spreads through the body, this regime infects any region. It must be removed from the body”. And countless other genocidal incitements.

Ahmadinejad said that the Shoah is not to be taken as a historical fact, that it is actually a fake...

He stated on multiple occasions that there are no homosexuals in Iran.

He reiterated his lies on a peaceful use of the nuclear capacity that Iran is building, and so he will do this time, until the day he will posess the nuclear bomb with our international consent ...

In sum and summary, Ahmadinejad violates the Convention on genocide within the context of the nuclear capacity building,

Iran is accused by the State Department of funding and organizing international terrorism, it supports, with henchmen and weaponry, Bashar Assad, Hamas, and Hizbullah.

And we listened to him as he lectured from the UN podium? All civil delegations should have stood up and walked out before he took the floor.