Berlin's Jewish Museum of Anti-Zionism

German taxpayers would be happy to fund Berlin's Jewish museum if it continues to host Jewish anti-Semites. Meotti has broken off contact with the anti-Israel Jewish intelligentsia, but not before putting them in their place.

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Giulio Meotti,

giulio meott
giulio meott
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There is no explanation for this pathological phenomenon: the Jewish Diaspora proclivity for self-abasement and sycophancy toward Jew-haters.

A few days ago, the internationally renowned Jewish Museum in Berlin hosted a podium discussion with US academic Judith Butler, who renewed her calls to boycott Israel. It's the first anti-Israel event held in the Jewish museum since its opening.

Why did only a few Israeli intellectuals and personalities raise their voices against the shameful decision to host Butler? What happened to moral clarity?

In an era in which the Jews are sentenced again to solitary confinement on the moral high ground and where no other nation except Israel is expected to disappear, the Jewish intelligentsia is getting sick.

Thousands of Jewish leading writers, intellectuals, academics, authors and journalists, joined by painters, photographers and actors, have been unceasingly preaching that Israel's cause is not just. And this, they say, is true not since the Six Day War, the beginning of what they call that unjust "occupation", nor since the establishment of the state in 1948, which "was born in sin", but since the beginnings of the Zionist enterprise at the end of the XIX century.

The conclusion is uniform: that Zionism amounted to an evil, colonialist conspiracy to exploit the people dwelling in Palestine, enslave them, steal their land, disinherit them.

After the Butler disgrace, the people in charge of the Berlin Museum could rename it Jewish Museum of anti-Zionism. The German taxpayers would be happy to fund this institution in the middle of Berlin.

The main gallery could contain paraphernalia from the Arabs' campaign of psychological warfare against Israel, such as  documents ordering corporations to close their operations in Tel Aviv, maps without Israel and reproductions of anti-Semitic caricatures from the Islamic press.

On a long wall, war-memorial style, would go the names of anti-Israel resolutions passed by the UN, the International Atomic Energy Agency, Unesco and other global wicked bodies.

Engraved in the the wall, in huge letters for all to see, should be the Zionism-equals-racism resolution.

A dozen TV screens would broadcast the most distorted news spots of the Arab-Israel conflict, including the notorious Sixty Minutes piece on the Temple Mount riots.

"Self-hating Jews” is a wrong expression. The right term is Jewish anti-Semitism. I think it's the right time to reveal a personal story about these self-professed “better Jews” who like to depict Israel as “the new ghetto", setting themselves apart from the Israeli masses and posturing as the possessors of greater liberal wisdom.

After completing the book “A New Shoah. The Untold Story of Israel’s Victims of Terrorism”, I sent a copy to George Steiner, famous cultural critic, Jewish intellectual and professor, based in Cambridge. I had written a philosophical dissertation on his works and I had held a correspondance with Steiner during the last ten years.

The famous Jewish intellectual sent me a letter demonizing the book and Israel. He said that “the world is Juden müde”, that is "tired of Jews” and that they should disappear. I was so astonished that I sent him this reply.


\You suffer from moral blindness and intellectual irresponsibility about Israel, the only piece of Western civilization under siege, the only United Nations' member condemned to death. Read my expose about Sderot to understand what happened in the last ten years to the kibbutzim and cities in the south of Israel.

Your pseudo-humanistic rhetoric (“evil breeds evil…”) has no place in the Middle East. Israel’s security policies make an effort, without parallel in any other modern country, to teach moral behavior on the battlefield.

About "The Wall”, as you emphatically call the security fence in the letter, it blocked the genocidal flux of suicide bombers in the Israeli restaurants and shopping centers (about 2.000 civilian Israelis were killed just because they were Israelis). In the book you may find stories about Jewish girls and men slaughtered in the buses and cafes before the fence’s construction. They were returning home with backpacks and smiles. It's a shame that you compare their blessed memory to the difficulties of the Arabs who arrive late at work because of “the Wall”.

If you want to know the real Wall of Israel, take a look at the stories of the Israeli security guards who stopped death with their own bodies, a living wall.

Giulio Meotti"

That was the last letter I sent to George Steiner. I didn't want to have anymore conversations with him. That is why I broke with Steiner and the Jewish Intelligentsia. I understood that there is much more Jewish destiny and courage in a bullet proof bus going to Gush Etzion than in any rant of this horrible member of the Jewish intelligentsia.