Warning! New Housing for Migron Families is Unsuitable!

When the government destroyed Gush Katif in 2005, the act itself was a tragedy, but it did not even prepare suitable places for the expellees to go to. For many, the damage is irrevocable. And Israel did not learn from its mistakes on both counts.

David Bedein

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David Bedein
credit David Michael Cohen

1. Israel's High Court of Justice has determined that all 49 families of Migron must leave Migron with all of their personal belongings on Tuesday, Sept. 4th, 2012. Those residents include 219 children, half of whom are under the age of 5.

2. The WZO Settlement Dept has prepared the Yekev area on the bottom of the hill from Migron, to temporarily house families from Migron until permanent homes    are built in the agreed-upon area..

3. The firm stance of WZO and IsraelI Prime Minister's office  is that the Yekev area is now a suitable place to live.

The truth is far different:

1. Schools, kindergartens, nursery schools, schules, medical clinics & municipal facilities are not yet completed in the Yekev.

2. Many of the homes in the Yekev have not yet been connected to electricity and water.

3. Safety rails in dangerous spots have not been completed: With so many children under the age of 5, this is vital.

7. Tne entire area of the Yekev, as a neighborhood under intense construction, reeks with the stench of building materials, making it difficult to breathe

The . WZO has threatened residents of Migron not to protest against the current situation in the Yekev.


Practical Suggestion:  independently hire - for two days of work:

   a. A building engineer to assess the safety situation of the Yekev area

   b. A health specialist ot assess the implications for the health of anyone who will move into the Yekev area.

   c. An education expert who will assess the possibility of ameliorating the situation of educational facilities in the Yekev area. 

   d. A TV crew to film the Yekev situation as it is right now

   e. A lawyer to file an injunction to delay settling the Yekev until it is suitable for human inhabitation.

The residents of Migron are taxpaying, loyal Israeli citizens who do IDF service. They recently bought the land on which stand many of the houses they live in, once they realized that the land they settled in good faith was disputed. The High Court ignored that purchase and upheld its former decision to vacate the community and move it elsewhere. Does Israel have to repeat the Gush Katif debacle - not just destroy homes, but also destroy lives?