A7 Op-ed Writer David Singer Hears from Richard Falk

David Singer wrote an op-ed describing the anti-Semitic statements appearing on the Special UN Rapporteur for Palestinian Arab civil right's blog, this despite the flack he got for an anti-Semitic cartoon last June. Falk responded.

Rochel Sylvetsky

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Rochel Sylvetsky
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Interestingly, writes Singer to Arutz Sheva, I have received the following communication from Mr Falk.

"Mr. Singer: Having read your derogatory and personally offensive attack on me that is published online .., I realize that we have no common ground whatsoever to support further communication, and I am disappointed that you didn't at least have the courtesy to inform me that you were writing about me in such a defamatory vein while here pretending to have a substantive discussion.

The website also made me aware that you support a denial of fundamental Palestinian rights and the negotiation of 'peace' by way of Israel/Jordan negotiations with total disregard of the Palestinian reality. In my view such an extremist position is politically, morally, and legally unacceptable."

I  have sent Mr Falk the following response:

"Mr Falk:

More generalised and unsubstantiated comments as usual and a convenient excuse for you to avoid any discussion of my last post.

You claim my article is a "derogatory and personally offensive attack" on you. 

You claim it is "defamatory"

That is not good enough.

Detail your specific objections and I will deal with them. If they have any merit I will withdraw them.

Indeed, let any of your readers do the job for you - if you are not prepared to do so yourself.

Here is the article: /Articles/Article.aspx/12010

I initially sought to get answers from you to specific matters I found questionable in your article on Mr Dayan. You have ducked and weaved and refused to answer them.

I assure you I will not act in the same manner in regard to anything you want to object to in my article"

No response has been received from Mr Falk or any of the readers of his blog page at the time of sending this e mail to you.