Who Cares About the Murder of Pregnant Israeli Women?

Silence in the UN, silence in the Presbyterian Church, silence in the Vatican - Jewish blood is cheap.

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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A few years ago, I had a long interview with Wanda Poltawska, the Polish Holocaust survivor who was used by the Nazis as guinea pig for medical experiments, infecting her muscles with bacteria, cutting nerves, fracturing or transplanting bones.

Poltawska left me with a shocking memory which still haunts me: "In the Ravensbrück concentration camp I saw Jewish newborn babies thrown into the crematoria".

Wanda's hell came into life again last week, when a suicide bomber killed 5 Israelis in Burgas, Bulgaria. One of the victims was pregnant. A short while before she boarded the flight to Burgas, Kochava Shriki told her sister that she was pregnant for the first time in her life.

"Your death leaves a huge void in us," her sister said at the funeral. "I remember that you called me to tell me about the baby you are carrying in your womb. You were so happy".

Shriki is the last in a horrible long list of pregnant Israeli women slaughtered by Islamic terrorists.

The new monstrification of the Jews begins at the fetus' stage.

A fatwa issued by Muslim Brotherhood’s guru, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, permits the killing of Jewish unborn babies, on the logic that when Jews grow up they might join the Israeli army.

Rabbi Mordechai Elon referred to one area of the Mount Herzl cemetery in Jerusalem as the burial area for the unborn victims (as opposed to the section for the nation’s great leaders).

Eyal and Yael Shorek are buried there; Yael was nine months pregnant when she was killed in Judea in front of her home.

Next to them lie Gadi and Tzippi Shemesh, who were killed in downtown Jerusalem after having a scan of their unborn twins.

In Gaza, a terrorist squad opened fire on the car of Tali Hatuel, who died on the spot. Then her four daughters were murdered, each with a shot to the head at point-blank range. It was a Nazi-style execution. Tali was pregnant.

The list goes on.

Avital Wolanski was six-months pregnant, Rivka Holzberg was five-months pregnant, and Tehiya Bloomberg was five-months pregnant.

Among the 15 people killed in Marrakesh last year, there was Michal Wizman, who was nine-months pregnant. And what about the 12-year-old Tamar, eight-year-old Ro’ie and two-year-old Shai, the young Fogels who survived the pogrom in Itamar?

Where is the world's outrage? Why are the Vatican, the United Nations, the mainline churches, the UNICEF, the media desks silent about the killing of another pregnant Jewish mother in Bulgaria?

These unborn Jewish children are like the 44 children of the French orphanage known as “La Maison d’Izieu”, whom Klaus Barbie's Gestapo sent to Auschwitz.

And it is not heresy to state that these Israeli mothers are like the Jewish mothers who tried to protect their children during the Holocaust.

There are stories of mothers who took actions as heroic as they were instinctual to save their children, often shielding them with their own bodies. No one will ever know the names of those women.

There are also stories of ten-year-old girls comforting their mothers at the entrance to the gas chambers. No one will ever know the names of those girls.

During his last days in Treblinka, a sergeant of the SS rose from the table and said to the two Jewish women who had just cooked for him, “Okay, girls, now it’s your turn.” One of them, Tchechia, spit back at him, “Kill us, come on, just do me one favor: don’t ask us to undress.” As the other woman fell to her knees, sobbing, Tchechia said to her, “Get up, don’t give him this satisfaction, remember that you are a Jew".

Since the Holocaust is going to be consigned to “the last century” due to the natural death of the last survivors, and that will be the first step from history to story, from story to dream and from dream to amnesia, today the world must be grieving with Shriki's family.

If not, then the charge of Auschwitz's anti-Semitism still rings true.

A sour rain is falling, once again, on our heads. And as history has taught us, while it begins with Jews, it doesn't end with them.