The Cruel Israeli Maestro Welcomed in the Vatican

When a Jew who knows better tries to blacken Israel, it causes a special kind of revulsion. Especially if his fame means his voice is heard. And especially if he "turns the page" filled with spilled Jewish blood.

Giulio Meotti,

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giulio meott
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Pope Benedict XVI enjoyed Beethoven conducted by Daniel Barenboim and performed by the West-Eastern Divan, his orchestra of musicians from Israel and Arab countries "who hope to further the cause of peace". In a speech, the Pope said "music unites people beyond every division".

The Catholic Church, which today is busy in fighting the Jewish and free existence of the State of Israel, could not have chosen a better performer than this unfeeling and egocentric "maestro", the cosmopolitan Jew and self proclaimed citizen of the world.

A week before his performance in Rome, Barenboim released an interview to Der Spiegel magazine, in which he attacked "the politicization of the remembrance of the Holocaust in Israel", along with "the alliance of the right and the Orthodox Jews that rules Israel today" and "Israel's strong lobby in Washington".

He not only dismissed the Arab hatred for Israel ("the Palestinians weren't primarily anti-Semitic. They just didn't accept their expulsion"), but Barenboim also refused to be labelled as an Israeli: "What is there to be proud of today? How can you be a patriot in a country that has occupied foreign territory for the last 45 years? One that isn't capable of accepting that there is also another account of the last 60 years."

And the ultimate one-dimensional historic encapsulation: "Yes, the Palestinians could have accepted the partition of Palestine on Nov. 29, 1947, and that was precisely what they didn't do, because they thought the partition was unjust. Why can't we accept that as a historic fact and turn the page? It's just inhuman".

Barenboim: Yes, the Palestinians could have accepted the partition of Palestine on Nov. 29, 1947, and that was precisely what they didn't do, because they thought the partition was unjust. Why can't we accept that as a historic fact and turn the page?
This is Barenboim, the Jewish anti-Semite.

His orchestra was co-founded  by the late Palestinian intellectual Edward Said, the Intifada ideologue who was embarrassingly caught by the camera hurling stones at IDF soldiers on the Lebanese border after the Israeli withdrawal and who has made a name for himself as one of the most fervent advocates of the elimination of the Jewish State.

Last year, the famous Israeli conductor led an ensemble of European musicians to Gaza's Hamastan, including Italians from the world-renowned opera house of La Scala in Milan.

Indeed, the Jewish pianist and conductor, who once played for Israeli troops in 1967 with his late wife cellist Jacqueline Du Pre, crossed a red line with a most unethical gesture.“We are playing this concert as a sign of our solidarity and friendship with the civil society of Gaza”, Barenboim said. He also wished “success” to the Hamas-Fatah unity agreement signed in Egypt.

Barenboim refused to take part in Israel’s 60th anniversary festivities and in 2005, while signing a book that he had written with Said, he refused to be interviewed by a reporter for Israel’s Army Radio because she was wearing an IDF uniform.

In 2008, Barenboim obtained a Palestinian passport, a gesture approved by the former Hamas-led Palestinian unity government. So he pledged allegiance to an anti-Semitic entity trying to eliminate the other country where Barenboim has a passport: "Israel".

In March 2002, Barenboim performed in Ramallah, when jihadist groups were launching suicide attacks against Israeli restaurants, malls and cafés.

In 2005 Barenboim compared Israeli soldiers to Nazis during a lecture at Columbia University in New York.

His silence, when he is silent, has also been telling. In August 2003, he was conducting a Concert for Peace in Spain with his Jewish- Arab orchestra. Meanwhile in Jerusalem, a Route 2 bus full of haredim returning from the Western Wall was blown up. There were many infants among the dead and injured. The genocidal strike has come to be called “the children’s attack” due to the large number of babies. Barenboim could have use the Spanish concert to denounce the massacre of Jews. But he remained silent.

Now the humanistic hero, the innocent democrat, the atheistic and leftist upholder of human rights turns to the Pope to advance his horrendous vision of what a "Jewish-Arab utopia" would be like for Jews.

We live in a time when shameful insensitivity, arrogant anti-Semitism and political oppurtunism create a lethal obsession for an homicidal peace.

With his so elegant hubris, Barenboim said that "art must triumph". Even at the price of another Jewish bloodbath.

Like the one that happened when his beloved megalomaniac, Richard Wagner, whose faith in “truth as beauty and beauty as truth”, met its logical conclusion in the gas chambers.