Unbroken Spirit: The Story of Yosef Mendelevitch

Unbroken Spirit: A Heroic Story Of Faith, Courage and Survival is the title of the translation of Yosef Mendelevitch's book. Read about it here.

Rochel Sylvetsky,

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Rochel Sylvetsky
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Yosef Mendelevich, hero of Soviet Jewry's fight for freedom, has frequently been asked why his books are not available in English. He always answered that he can not allow himself to invest the kind of money that would cost.

A year ago, Pamela Cohen called him from Chicago and said that his book could save American youth from intermarriage. She offered to raise the funds necessary for the translation. Cohen had served as the president of The Union of Councils for Soviet Jewry, American Jewry's largest organization for that purpose, and told Arutz Sheva that what is special about Mendelevich is that he has continued on the same path on which he began his journey 40 years ago.

"That is what comes across so strongly in the book", she added, and called it Unbroken Spirit: A Heroic Story Of Faith, Courage and Survival . The book will be released on Aug 31, 2012.

Mendelevich, always modest and retiring, except when fighting for an ideological cause, commented: "It makes me happy that the book is not being published in English because of my desire for fame, but because people feel that it can do some good."

Mendelevich went to New York for this year's Jewish Book Conference and presented his book, staying at thehome of a refusenik friend, Professor Trachtenberg.

His book, "Mivtsa Chatuna" was republished in Hebrew by Beit El Publishing during the month of Sivan, on the date that his daring attempt to escape from Russia by hijacking a plane occurred 42 years ago.

Pamela wrote Arutz Sheva: "We're off! Watch for Yosef Mendelevich's book in  your favorite bookstores - or preorder. It is even better than we could ever have hoped: A great life, a great story, and a fine, fine read."

Arutz Sheva agrees. Below is information for acquiring the book:

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