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      Op-Ed: Expose: Amnesty’s Humanitarian Pogrom

      Published: Monday, June 04, 2012 8:43 AM
      In Amnesty’s diabolic doublespeak, protecting Israelis from suicide attacks and slaughter has become “apartheid".

      Amnesty International published its report for 2012, providing a survey of the global human rights situation.

      About Judea and Samaria, Amnesty charges Israel of “torture”, “siege” and “war crimes”.

      Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (1977) for shining a spotlight on political prisoners, Amnesty claims to be the “conscience of the world”. But as the latest report shows, Amnesty is now the symbol of an ideology estranged from the glorious tradition of Western human rights and constitutes one of the most frightening faces of the new anti-Semitism, in the form of an assault on the Jewish people’s right to live as an equal member of the family of nations.

      During the first Intifada, members of the PLO and the PFLP were defined by Amnesty as “prisoners of conscience”, including those convicted of terrorist actions in a court of law.

      Amnesty supported the Intifada, a terrorist uprising by a hostile population aligned with organizations and countries at war with Israel.

      The group had a long record of condemning torture and executions, yet it always ignored PLO-instigated killings of its opponents and so-called “collaborators” (with Israel). 

      The Amnesty reports discussed the IDF’s “deliberate” killings of Arab rioters. When Amnesty was questioned about sources of information, it offered the PLO as one. In 1990,

      Amnesty’s secretary-general, Ian Martin, appeared on a vitriolic anti-Israel show on Jordan television, puportedly to praise “improvements” in Amman’s stance on human rights. Martin made no mention of the 81 shootings, 5 grenade attacks, 651 Molotov cocktail attacks, 94 bombings, 173 assaults with knives, clubs, axes and swords, and 299 cases of arson against Israeli civilians and soldiers during the first two years of the Intifada.

      Last year, Amnesty hosted in London an event titled: “Complicity in Oppression: Do the Media Aid Israel?”. Organized by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the anti-Israel conference featured Abdel Bari Atwan, editor of the London-based al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper. In 2007, Atwan declared that he would dance “in Trafalgar Square if Iran attacked Israel” and he said that the attack on the Mercaz HaRav yeshiva in Jerusalem, where eight young Israeli students were slaughtered while studying in the library by a Palestinian terrorist, “was justified”.

      Even an anti-Zionist writer like Salman Rushdie has accused Amnesty of “moral bankruptcy”, because the organization is serving as an effective weapon in the hands of human rights’ most dedicated enemies.

      Amnesty today plays a very important role in the portrayal of Israel as the epitome of the human rights violator.

      In 2002, the humanitarian group falsely accused Israel of committing “war crimes” in Jenin: it was a myth and a mockery of international law - in fact, 13 IDF soldiers died there, many from sniper fire, because Israel decided not to carry out an airstrike in order to avoid injuring Arab civilians, even though residents had been warned to leave the terrorist-ridden area - but the legend of the rubble and corpses buried with it is still used to assail Israel and the Jews around the world.

      Amnesty’s reports form the political and legal infrastructure for producing the blood libel of Israel as an “illegal”, “settler”, “entity”.

      Among other things, Amnesty asks the Obama Administration to “immediately suspend military aid to Israel”.

      Amnesty’s lies about Israel’s “apartheid wall” and “apartheid roads” has been one of the most repugnant propagandistic manipulations ever suffered by the Jewish State. In Amnesty’s diabolic doublespeak, protecting Israelis from suicide attacks and slaughter has become “apartheid”.

      While foreign fences keep out livestock and refugees from neighboring countries, only Israel’s fences and checkpoints have a truly humanitarian reason: to secure the civilian population’s right to life. In Israel, barbed wire, patrol roads, sand tracking paths, video cameras and electronic sensors are used to prevent a restaurant, a shopping mall or a hotel from being turned into carpets of human bodies.

      Amnesty has also been generous in promoting the books of anti-Israeli firebrands such as Ben White’s “Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner’s Guide”.

      Amnesty’s “soft war” against the Israelis was crucial in the World Conference Against Racism in Durban, where 3,000 NGOs convinced the United Nations to condemn Israeli “racism”. Well-known NGOs such as Amnesty and Save the Children attached their names to the diabolical conference.

      A few weeks later, the Second Intifada (Or Oslo War, as it is cynically called in memory of the "Peace" Agreement signed with Arafat)  broke out and 2.000 Jews lost their lives.

      Amnesty plays a prominent role at the UN Human Rights Council, where Israel has become a pariah state, while major human rights violators, such as Syria, Lybia, Iran and North Korea, enjoy a holy immunity, and at the Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions, where Israel became the first ever state to face a country-specific indictment.

      The head of Finland’s branch of Amnesty International, Frank Johansson, called Israel “a scum state”.
      The head of Finland’s branch of Amnesty International, Frank Johansson, called Israel “a scum state”.

      In 2006, the year of the Second Lebanon War, when Haifa and Nahariya sustained daily attacks from the sky, Amnesty produced more documents against Israel than on the genocide in Darfur.

      Amnesty is crucial in biased reports against Israel submitted at the UN, like the discredited Goldstone Report, and in the campaigns for boycotts, divestment and sanctions against the Jewish State in European courts.

      Amnesty plays a role in the ongoing legal indictments against Israeli politicians and the country’s military.

      Amnesty is no longer a human rights organization, but a political body with a political agenda.

      Like B’tselem, its discredited Israeli imitation, Amnesty fails to distinguish between totalitarian organizations bent on destruction and true liberation movements.

      It believes Israel should relinquish its backbone (Judea and Samaria), and it will do anything, including becoming the PLO propaganda instrument, to achieve this.

      In the Middle Ages, the “mystery plays” [sometimes called miracle plays, ed.] portrayed the Jews as the killers of Jesus and helped fuel the tragic pogroms in which so many Jews perished.

      Today, with its verdicts portraying Israelis as “war criminals”, Amnesty is staging a new mystery play: the Israeli Jew, legally and humanitarianly, sentenced to death.