On Lt. Col. Eisner and Being Pushed Around in Our House

Where is it written that Jews have to keep taking it on the chin?

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Jack Engelhard,

Jack Engelhard
Jack Engelhard
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We should be better? Maybe we should be worse (once in a while) and then they’d leave us alone.

Yes, I know, we’re Jewish and we’re expected to behave…after all, the neighbors!

Once in a while, though, enough is enough and it’s time to take care of business.

There’s a terrific line in the movie “Rudy” where the Notre Dame (football) coach gives his troops the following pre-game pep talk:

“Nobody…and I mean NOBODOY…comes into our house and pushes us around.”

Well, nobody pushed Shalom Eisner around. He’s the IDF’s Lt. Col. who’s been making the front pages.

They – the (brutish) humanitarians -- came to his house, Israel, and rather than take any more verbal and physical abuse, Eisner went Bogie and gave a particular rowdy a “”facial” (hockey term) with his rifle.

Gevalt and Stop The Presses! Never mind the media, who live and lust for this, but even Bibi chimed in against Eisner and the IDF top brass has suspended him even before the facts are in.

Apparently one photo is enough – though not enough for men who serve with Eisner in the IDF and support him as being nothing less than honorable and a top-notch commander.

My guess is that Eisner lost his cool but momentarily…something like Shimon and Levi who also took care of business but on a much larger scale. Some may recall that our father Jacob was none too pleased, worried about the neighbors, but nobody’s bothered Dinah in quite some time.

I also take it for granted that Eisner is a decent man who never did this before and will never do it again but to my mind…to me he is a hero.

Confronted by yet another anti-Semitic thug (and they keep on coming by air, land and sea) he lost his temper. Well it’s about time somebody did.

Where is it written that Jews have to keep taking it on the chin? David was no patsy and even at the very end he instructed Shlomo to take care of business.

Nothing quite as extreme from Eisner, but perhaps a message has been sent.

Recently, a gang of hoods beat up a Yeshiva kid in Brooklyn. Why? “Because Jews don’t fight back,” they laughed.

So thank you Lt. Col. Eisner for proving otherwise.

Perhaps a message has been sent.
Freud talks about walking with his father along a busy street in Vienna when a brown-shirt type approaches and knocks the father’s hat into the gutter. The elder Freud does nothing except retrieve his hat from the gutter and the two, father and son, keep walking, never to mention the incident for the utter humiliation.

No wonder, then, that we admire guys who won’t take it anymore, even TOUGH GUYS.

No wonder that even though our mothers cautioned us to behave and warned us never to be like them… we admired American gangsters like Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky and Mickey Cohen because they were Jewish Gangsters whose business we did not want to know…but they took care of their own people….and that is all we needed to know.

If only they’d been there for us in Europe!

The IDF takes pride in being the world’s most ethical military force. This is good.

Watching Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner’s refusal to get pushed around…but instead offering a goon a taste of his rifle…this too is good.