Human Rights for Israelis?

Sunday In Israeli Knesset's legislative committee they postponed a vote on the outposts. This Sunday is when you can make a difference. Read on.

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The battle for the rights of the 7000 young Israelis living in so-called outposts (young communities in Judea and Samaria which lack formal government approval for political reasons) is fierce in Israel.

European funded leftwing pro-Palestinian groups are doing their best to have these communities both delegitimized and decimated.

The Israeli public generally sympathizes with the communities, among other reasons due to the fact that deceased Israeli war heroes, known to every Israeli family, lived in these communities, and their widows and orphans still do.

Also, the future of the "outposts" is seen as a major component in Israel's ability to retain its precarious hold on historical, crucial locations in Judea and Samaria which overlook Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and Ben-Gurion airport.

The tiny outpost communities have found themselves under attack in literally dozens of crippling court cases filed by European funded leftwing pro-Palestinian groups in Israel's High Court of Justice.

These have resulted in court orders for demolitions -- because the High Court generally speaking does not review evidence, such that if a Peace-Now sympathizer in a branch of government provides a letter supporting the pro-Palestinian petition, this letter would generally be taken as a fact and the community threatened by it will be given no opportunity to disprove any allegations against them in the letter.

The community of Migron, for example, is subject to a March 2012-or-before demolition deadline. Meantime, the right wing parties in the coaltion are pursuing legislation options which will allow the homes in these communities to receive an official stamp of legality.

Update: At the Sunday meeting of the Ministers' legislative committee, the hero of the day was, without a doubt, Hasbara minister and former Prisoner of Zion, Yuli Edelstein. A bill to save the outposts was brought to a vote.

The ministers -- all except Minister Edelstein -- agreed to postpone the vote till February. February??

Minister Edelstein asked himself, if we ministers only begin the legislative process in February, and the community of Migron - for example - is slated for destruction by March at latest, obviously Migron will be reduced to rubble while we ministers are still pulling on our legislative thinking caps! After all, decimating takes mere hours. Legislating takes weeks or months!

Edelstein opposed the postponement, but he was alone. The bill was moved to irrelevant February. 

However, the ingenuity of Israel's Knesset Members being what it is, it appears that there is ANOTHER bill to save the young people's "outpost" communities, that of veteran National Religious Party MK Zevulun Orlev. The Orlev bill will come popping up for vote THIS Sunday.

For those who wish to be heard -- see the contact particulars below of the ministers (fax and telephone being more influential and successful than email, but email addresses are also provided).

Israeli MKs like hearing from friends of Israel abroad. If you as a citizen of Israel or of the USA or foreign country would be happy to act to protect Israel against political or media attackers if Israel decides to be protective of these young communities, now is the time to make that clear to the soon-to-be-voting ministers.

Short messages are best because the ministers' staff members often read English with some difficulty. Example:

re: Orlev "maachazim" (outpost) law on Sunday: I am a friend of Israel residing in the USA. I hope the Orlev outpost law will be passed. I would be happy to  be protective of Israel against any political or media attackers if Israel decides to pass to protective legislation for these young communities;;;;;;; <>;;;;; <> ;; dhershkovitz@KNESSET.GOV.IL;<mailto:dhershkovitz@KNESSET.GOV.IL;>; 

blue column has ministerial office with tel no 1st, followed by fax no 

YAKOV NEEMAN *02/6466528* *F**-02/6285438*

YUVAL STEINITZ 052-3853280 *02/5317200* *F**-02/5635769*

GILAD ERDAN 050-5936500 *02/6553701/4* *F**-02/6535958*

YIZHAK AHARONOVICH 054-2525263 *02/5428500* *F**02/5428039*

YISRAEL KATZ  0506233939 *02-666-3031* *F02-6668210** **F*

MOSHE KACHLON  050-6845584 *02/6706301* *F**-02/6240029*

DANIEL HERSHKOWITZ  050-6202119 *02/6408027**F**02-5825581*

STAS MISEZNIKOV 050-3833776 *02/6664331* *F**-02/6514629*

SOFA LANDVER 050-5435706 *02/6753446* *F**-02/5669244*

YAKOV MARGI  050-4963737 *02/6662255* *F**-02/6662909*

LIMOR LIVNAT 050-5200050* 03-6367222* **F**03-6873361 *

MESHULAM NAHARI 0507440120 *02/5317727* *F**-02/5695360*

GIDON SAAR  050-6343111 *02/5602330* *F**-02/5602246*

YOSI PELED 050-6202282*037779221 *

YULI EDELSTEIN  050-3334298