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Netanyahu: I Will Address Congress Despite the Left's Objection - News
lestinian Authority chairman] Abbas and to others. This is not the Labor party of the past. It has been pushed back and disappeared. This is the extreme left. I
(Shevat 6, 5775, 1/26/2015)
Proving that terror will be accounted for not rewarded - Blogs
atch " A few days ago Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement posted a picture in their official Facebook page demonstrating that violence is still favored by the movemen
(Shevat 5, 5775, 1/25/2015)
Abbas: ICC Membership will be Fully Active by April - News
thority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has declared that the PA"s membership of the International Criminal Court (ICC) would be fully active by April, the Ma"an ne
(Shevat 5, 5775, 1/25/2015)
Entitled Abbas' ICC-Gate - Blogs
rael on trial via Mahmoud Abbas at the International Criminal Court at The Hague. No doubt this was part of the agreement signed by Hamas and Abbas last spr
(Shevat 3, 5775, 1/23/2015)
Who is Mahmoud Abbas Really? - News
ing about PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas, Klein stated that the difference between him and his predecessor Yasser Arafat is that Abbas "wears a tie. He founded the t
(Shevat 3, 5775, 1/23/2015)
Morality, dehumanization and the cry of Arab leadership - Blogs
on November 29, 2012, Mahmoud Abbas told the world he wants his own state. He spoke of justice, "moral values" and "moral duty".He connected statehood for "Pale
(Shevat 2, 5775, 1/22/2015)
Fatah Lauds Tel Aviv Stabbing as 'Self-Sacrificing Operation' - News
thority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas lost no time warping it into a "self-sacrificing operation." Fatah referred to the terrorist attack, which left three critic
(Shevat 2, 5775, 1/22/2015)
Hamas's Deif Tells Hezbollah's Nasrallah: Let's Join Forces - News
ty and their Chairman Mahmoud Abbas who are not engaged in a military struggle with Israel. Additionally, Deif noted called for "all weapons to be directed towa
(Shevat 2, 5775, 1/22/2015)
Ambassador Calls on Security Council to Condemn Tel Aviv Attack - News
errorist group, and President Abbas"s partner in the Palestinian unity government, praised the stabbings in Tel Aviv and encouraged Palestinians to commit simil
(Shevat 2, 5775, 1/22/2015)
MK Mualem: Tel Aviv Attack a 'Wake-Up Call' for Peace Camp - News
riticized PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and the unilateral steps he has taken against Israel, saying, "Just as the Palestinians are running to The Hague, the Israel
(Shevat 2, 5775, 1/22/2015)
Netanyahu Invited to Address Congress - News
thority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas accepted Israel as a Jewish state - a condition which Abbas has still not accepted some 3.5 years later. He also maintained
(Shevat 1, 5775, 1/21/2015)
Netanyahu: Tel Aviv Stabbing Attack is the Work of the PA - News
uarely on PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas's shoulders. "The same terror tries to harm us in Paris, in Brussels and every other place," said Netanyahu. "Those rushing
(Shevat 1, 5775, 1/21/2015)
Hamas Praises Tel Aviv Attack as 'Worthy Response' - News
Authority (PA) chief Mahmoud Abbas has yet to comment on it. Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett joined the chorus of MKs blaming Abbas for the attack, and sa
(Shevat 1, 5775, 1/21/2015)
'PA Sues Israel at ICC While Raising Generation of Terrorists' - News
erring to PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas by his kunya name, Danon concluded "Abu Mazen proved again that he is not a man of peace, but rather a supporter of terror."
(Shevat 1, 5775, 1/21/2015)