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Hamas Wins Election at University in Fatah Stronghold - News
thority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction partially given its proximity to the Fatah-led PA governmental seat in Ramallah, Samaria. But despite that,
(Iyar 5, 5775, 4/24/2015)
How Much Does the PA Pay Terrorists? - News
t only do PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and his organizations glorify terrorism, they also play an active role in funding and conducting attacks. The revelation by
(Iyar 5, 5775, 4/24/2015)
'Only Readiness to Fight Can Deter and Decide War' - News
(PA) and its chairman Mahmoud Abbas. "Their souls will continue forever" After Netanyahu spoke Bat-Galim Sha'ar, the mother of 16-year-old Gilad who was among t
(Iyar 3, 5775, 4/22/2015)
Abbas Marks Israeli Memorial Day by Basking in Terror - News
nd Fatah faction head Mahmoud Abbas went on a spree of glorifying terrorists ahead of Israeli Memorial Day, which begins Tuesday night and commemorates terror v
(Iyar 2, 5775, 4/21/2015)
Russia Wants to 'Redesign' the Middle East - News
adimir Putin met with Mahmoud Abbas in Moscow. The meeting was not considered remarkable as Abbas has started to visit the Kremlin on an annual basis. The timin
(Iyar 2, 5775, 4/21/2015)
Fatah Delegation Ends Gaza Visit Over Dispute with Hamas - News
thority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah movement and Hamas, the de facto power in Gaza. Since 2014, when the two rivals tried to bury the hatchet after year
(Iyar 2, 5775, 4/21/2015)
Activist Urges Israel to Raise Kurdistan as Ally against Iran - News
nerate a new ally? If Sherkoh Abbas" advice were heeded, Israel would be trying to draw the Western world closer to the notion of an independent Kurdistan. Abb
(Iyar 1, 5775, 4/20/2015)
Bombing Targets Abbas's Gaza Home - News
thority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's former home. Abbas's Gaza home was turned into Palestinian Cabinet headquarters after the unity deal between Hamas and the
(Iyar 1, 5775, 4/20/2015)
PA Court Dismisses Case Against Abbas Arch-Rival - News
thority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas. Speaking to AFP, defense lawyer Sevag Torossian said the Ramallah-based corruption court had ruled that the charges against
(Iyar 1, 5775, 4/20/2015)
PA: Only 1-2 Million Jews Died During the Holocaust - News
of principle Chairman Mahmoud Abbas wrote his doctoral thesis on the subject, and it is an official text used in PA schools.
(Nisan 30, 5775, 4/19/2015)
We Should have Demanded IDF Bodies for PA Money! - Blogs
nd medical treatment.However, Abbas said he would not accept this sum since Israel had made its deductions unilaterally. The current agreement appears to have r
(Nisan 30, 5775, 4/19/2015)
Israel to Return Frozen Tax Funds to PA - News
for the PA"s financial woes, Abbas continues to spend six percent of the PA"s annual budget to pay $4.5 million a month to jailed terrorists and another $6.5 m
(Nisan 29, 5775, 4/18/2015)
Clan Politics Sows Civil War Among Palestinians - News
f a faction of Fatah, Mahmoud Abbas" own ruling party. It is seldom reported in the press what factionalism might exist among Palestinians, particularly within
(Nisan 28, 5775, 4/17/2015)