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Abbas Threatens 'Palestinian People Will Explode' - News
thority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas was quoted Sunday as saying diplomatic means are his weapon of choice in the battle against Israel instead of inciting terro
(Kislev 29, 5775, 12/21/2014)
Abbas' Shenanigans - Blogs
an underhand purpose".Mahmoud Abbas is a master. Abbas' latest shenanigan is to get the United Nations Security Council to recognize a PLO State and set a three
(Kislev 29, 5775, 12/21/2014)
Posters of Abbas Hanging at Gaza Rally for his Rival - News
thority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's rival Mohammed Dahlan demonstrated in front of Gaza City's parliament building on Thursday, carrying posters accusing Abba
(Kislev 27, 5775, 12/19/2014)
Abbas Hints: Withdrawal First, 'Right of Return' Later - News
thority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday explained the strategy behind the PA"s United Nations resolution, submitted on Wednesday, which seeks to impose
(Kislev 27, 5775, 12/19/2014)
France and Britain Say Iran Needs to be More Flexible - News
an's deputy foreign minister, Abbas Araqchi, said following the talks that they had been "very useful and helpful" and that the next round was scheduled for nex
(Kislev 27, 5775, 12/19/2014)
Hamas Claims to Have Caught an 'Israeli Agent' - News
h sentences, however, require Abbas's approval before being carried out, and Abbas issued a moratorium on death sentences in 2005. Until the formation of a unit
(Kislev 27, 5775, 12/19/2014)
US Finally Says it Opposes Unilateral PA UN Bid - News
thority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas "thinks he can threaten us with unilateral steps. He does not understand that they will result in a Hamas takeover in Judea
(Kislev 26, 5775, 12/18/2014)
What Does it Sound Like When Abbas Really Condemns Terror? - News
thority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas issued condemnations of two terrorist attacks within the span of a month - an investigation of the texts reveals there is a
(Kislev 26, 5775, 12/18/2014)
PM: Abbas's UN Bid Allows Hamas Takeover in Judea-Samaria - News
erring to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas by his kunya name, Netanyahu said "Abu Mazen thinks he can threaten us with unilateral steps. He does not understand that th
(Kislev 26, 5775, 12/18/2014)
'We're Fighting the Lawfare Battle Israel is Ignoring' - News
d against PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas politburo chief Khaled Mashaal. "We didn't wait for them to join as members (of the ICC) because the court has aut
(Kislev 26, 5775, 12/18/2014)
Liberman, Steinitz: PA Move Will Only Bring War - News
rusalem. PA President Mahmoud Abbas, said Liberman, "is interested only in attacking Israel. The Palestinians have no other purpose. They will just worsen the d
(Kislev 26, 5775, 12/18/2014)
Iran Describes Latest Nuclear Talks as 'Very Useful' - News
an's deputy foreign minister, Abbas Araqchi, said on Wednesday he had "very useful and helpful" nuclear negotiations with major powers in Geneva, according to R
(Kislev 26, 5775, 12/18/2014)
PA Submits UN Resolution to Force Israeli Withdrawal - News
h Israel. PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas recently threatened to cut ties with Israel if the move at the UN fails. In addition, Fatah leader Nabil Shaath threatened I
(Kislev 26, 5775, 12/18/2014)
Abbas's Religious Adviser Promises Israel Will Disappear - News
thority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's adviser on Religious and Islamic Affairs assured in his televised weekly sermon last Friday that Israel will be destroyed,
(Kislev 25, 5775, 12/17/2014)