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Peres: There is a Majority in Israel for 'Two-State Solution' - News
Peres and PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas had held four secret meetings in a bid to revive stalled peace talks and, last year, Peres claimed that he had reached a pea
(Sivan 5, 5775, 5/23/2015)
Livni Blasts Netantahu for 'Lying' about Peace Commitment - News
o claimed PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas was taking advantage of Netanyahu's failings. "Abu Mazen also understood Netanyahu's weakness on the international front, so
(Sivan 3, 5775, 5/21/2015)
PMW: PA Adopts 'One State Solution' as Official Policy - News
an Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, the idea of a "greater Palestine" - that would stretch from "the river to the sea" - is now an official policy. If this po
(Sivan 3, 5775, 5/21/2015)
Norwegian FM Warns Netanyahu: Pressure on Israel Forthcoming - News
an Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. The three conditions include: freezing construction in Judea and Samaria, releasing all Palestinian prisoners jailed prior
(Sivan 3, 5775, 5/21/2015)
PA Diplomat: We'll Submit Two Lawsuits to ICC - News
s against PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas leaders at the ICC. Giving further ammunition to the charges against the PA and Hamas was an Amnesty International
(Sivan 3, 5775, 5/21/2015)
EU Chief Mogherini to Visit, Push Peace Talks - News
thority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas Wednesday as a row erupted over a controversial bill to separate Palestinian Arab and Israeli bus systems in Judea-Samaria,
(Sivan 2, 5775, 5/20/2015)
News Agencies Clarify: Pope Only Said Abbas 'A Bit' of an Angel - News
n Authority President Mahmoud Abbas an "angel of peace." That translation of the Pope's comments was republished by numerous international news outlets, includi
(Sivan 1, 5775, 5/19/2015)
Jordan’s ‘out-crowding’, Israel’s Left and our future - Blogs
a "peace" treaty with Mahmoud Abbas should memorize the word-phrase, "out-crowding".You see, if Israel"s Leftists get their way, Israel will sign a treaty with
(Sivan 1, 5775, 5/19/2015)
Israel and Hamas Reportedly Conducting Secret Face-to-Face Talks - News
amallah. PA President Mahmoud Abbas claimed today (Tuesday) to have their "full protocol," according to journalist Khaled Abu Toameh. Israel has enforced a nava
(Sivan 1, 5775, 5/19/2015)
PA, Hamas Blast Netanyahu Over Comments on United Jerusalem - News
esman for PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas, said in a press statement that Netanyahu's remarks contradict UN resolutions and violate international conventions. "There
(Sivan 1, 5775, 5/19/2015)
EU's Mogherini Wants 'More Active Role' in Middle East - News
nyahu and PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas. Criticized in Israel for past contacts with Palestinian leaders, Mogherini said on Monday she wanted to listen to both side
(Sivan 1, 5775, 5/19/2015)
Vatican Defends 'Angel of Peace' Remark to Mahmoud Abbas - News
thority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas as "an angel of peace" was meant as encouragement for him to pursue peace with Israel, the Vatican insisted Monday, after th
(Iyar 29, 5775, 5/18/2015)