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Abbas Risks ICC Declaring Gaza is Not His - News
half of Gaza, because Mahmoud Abbas does not have "effective control" of Gaza - Hamas does. Arutz Sheva asked Kontorovich if the two regimes could have to be re
(Nisan 6, 5775, 3/26/2015)
Abbas Tells Arab MKs he Wants Labor in the Coalition - News
thority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas said he would like to see Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu form a coalition government with his Labor and Hatnua "Zionist U
(Nisan 5, 5775, 3/25/2015)
Abbas Meets Delegation of MK Elects from Joint Arab List - News
thority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday evening hosted a delegation of MK elects from the Joint Arab List in his office in Ramallah, Kol Yisrael radio re
(Nisan 5, 5775, 3/25/2015)
Palestinians Could Face Serious Backfire at the ICC - News
salem and Washington, Mahmoud Abbas might think he will get a silent or even overt go-ahead from the United States to pursue its recognition campaign. But the g
(Nisan 4, 5775, 3/24/2015)
Israel's Missed Opportunity in France - News
," says Eytan, but notes that Abbas is still the person that is justifying Netanyahu's more public reluctance toward a Two State Solution. "'We cannot sign an a
(Nisan 4, 5775, 3/24/2015)
'Martyr' Families Demand Terror Wages from PA - News
demand to PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas, urging him to command the PA finance ministry to pay those salaries that have yet to be transferred, as well as other wages
(Nisan 4, 5775, 3/24/2015)
ZOA President: Israelis Made the Right Choice - News
emarks of gestures by Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestinian Authority the same way the White House has to Netanyahu's recent comments and policies. It brings into q
(Nisan 4, 5775, 3/24/2015)
IDF Gearing Up for Conflict in Judea, Samaria - News
erring to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas by his kunya name. But as time goes by, they said, matters may deteriorate into violence. The main cause for potential Arab
(Nisan 4, 5775, 3/24/2015)
PA Budget Crisis Has IDF on High Alert - News
l crisis. PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas cut the salaries of tens of thousands of PA workers by 40%, he announced Monday - a move which, according to Walla! News, ha
(Nisan 3, 5775, 3/23/2015)
Europe’s Emerging Center-Right Tips the Scales Back - News
thority's diplomatic push. If Abbas were to try to reunify with Hamas as a result of Netanyahu's recent comments, it could be that Abbas' own actions in the dip
(Nisan 3, 5775, 3/23/2015)
Expert: Egypt Might be Open to New Ideas on Solving the Conflict - News
al-Sisi sees a strong Mahmoud Abbas as the best guarantor against that happening. Clearly, Netanyahu does not see it being enough. Gold referenced comments by
(Nisan 3, 5775, 3/23/2015)
How Long Will We Let Ourselves Be Made Fools? (Part 1) - Blogs
g table with the Jew-murderer Abbas. - Bibi never actually calls Abbas a Jew-murdering terrorist, but only opposes Abbas because he has formed a unity pact
(Nisan 3, 5775, 3/23/2015)
Report: Pro-Israel Senator Cruz to 'Declare' Candidacy Monday - News
erted, but added that Mahmoud Abbas's decision to embrace Hamas - which calls for the destruction of Israel and a genocide against Jews - clearly meant that was
(Nisan 2, 5775, 3/22/2015)
Terrorists Fire on PA Security Forces in Jenin - News
h Israel. PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has threatened the move several times over the past several months. Rather than being a response to elections, the meeting a
(Nisan 1, 5775, 3/21/2015)
Ban Calls Netanyahu, Urges Him to Commit to 'Two-State Solution' - News
an Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas made a pact to form a unity government with Hamas. (Arutz Sheva"s North American desk is keeping you updated until the start
(Adar 29, 5775, 3/20/2015)