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  שבט 12, 5771 , 17/01/11

Israel Still Waiting for Obama Answer on Pollard

Israel is still waiting for an answer from the U.S. over its request to free Jonathan Pollard after 25 years in American prison.

A week ago Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu sent a letter to U.S. President Barak Obama requesting Pollard be released. "Jonathan Pollard has reportedly served longer in prison than any person convicted of similar crimes, and longer than the period requested by the prosecutors at the time of his plea bargain agreement….I know that the United States is a country based on fairness, justice and mercy. For all these reasons, I respectfully ask that you favorably consider this request for clemency. The people of Israel will be eternally grateful."

Recently both Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef  and former US Secretary of State George Shultz added their name to the long list of Israeli and American leaders calling for the release of Pollard.

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