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News and updates about Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's ex-leader, dies at age 95player

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's ex-leader, dies at age 95

Mugabe, the first leader of independent Zimbabwe, ruled over the country with an iron fist for almost 40 years, from 1980 - 2017.

Zimbabwe's president won't step down despite military takeover

Zimbabwe's president won't step down despite military takeover

Robert Mugabe insists on national TV he still holds power, despite military takeover and his party telling him to step down.

Watch: Celebrations in Zimbabwe after sacking Mugabe

Watch: Celebrations in Zimbabwe after sacking Mugabe

Wild revelry spontaneously erupts as ruling Zanu-PF party sacks Robert Mugabe as leader.

Coup d'état in Zimbabweplayer

Coup d'état in Zimbabwe

Army announces holding President Mugabe and takeover state-run broadcasting station, denies having committed coup.

Lion kills child in Zimbabwe

Lion kills child in Zimbabwe

Wild lion mauls local child, drags her body 1,000 feet.

Watch: Zimbabwe's airport restored player

Watch: Zimbabwe's airport restored

China upgrades Zimbabwe airport for easier travel and business growth.

Fugitive Rabbi 'In Hiding' in South Africa, Sources Claim

Fugitive Rabbi 'Hiding' in South Africa?

Despite warnings from local Jewish leaders, Rabbi Eliezer Berland does not make an appearance in Johannesburg. Has he gone into hiding?

Suspected Sex-Offender Rabbi Deported From Zimbabwe?

Fugitive Rabbi Berland Deported From Zimbabwe?

Rabbi Eliezer Berland, leader of 'Shuvu Banim" sect, reportedly deported over visa offenses; wanted in Israel for sex crimes.

Report: Fugitive Rabbi Arrested in Zimbabwe

Report: Fugitive Rabbi Arrested in Zimbabwe

Rabbi Eliezer Berland, hassidic leader wanted in Israel over alleged sex crimes, arrested while on the run - but no one knows why.

Zimbabwe: Arrest Reporters Who 'Slandered' Us on Iran Deal

Zimbabwe: No Deal to Sell Iran Uranium, Period

Zimbabwean gov't denied that it had made a deal with Iran to sell it uranium, and said it would arrest anyone who said it did.

Mugabe Uses 88th Birthday Bash To Announce Elections

Zimbabwe With 95% Unemployment Hosts Megabirthday

Robert Mugabe has opened his birthday extravaganza by announcing elections in a country wracked by unemployment.

Zimbabwe Coalition Teeters As Mugabe Pushes For Elections

MDC Wants Guarantees In Place Before An Election

Zimbabwe's artificial coalition is teetering as President Mugabe's party wants to move up elections.

Zimbabwe Opposition Calls on Mugabe's Party to Let Him Rest

Opposition Adopts New Tactic Against Mugabe

The Zimbabwe opposition is unwittingly adopting a tactic that was successfully used against legendary Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek.

Rowan Williams Challenges Robert Mugabe on Mugabe's Home Turf

Robert Mugabe Reenacts Henry VIII

The battle over control of the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe reached a new level when the Archbishop of Canterbury arrived in Zimbabwe.

Mugabe Forces Prepare for Total Power Seizure

Zimbabwe's Coalition Implodes

Robert Mugabe has the generals' support, and not for idealogical reasons, and that means the opposition needs outside support.

If Qaddafi Goes, Will Mugabe Be Next?

Will Sub-Saharan Africa Be Next?

William Hague has called out against the regime of Robert Mugabe for being the same as Qaddafi's.

'Days of Rage' Spreading to Africa?

Zimbabwe Next for 'Day of Rage'?

The government of Zimbabwe has arrested dozens of political activists in an attempt to stop protesters from igniting a “Day of Rage.”

Zimbabwe Diamond Activist Jailed before Israel Appearance

Diamond Activist to Miss Meeting

A Zimbabwe activist fighting rights violations in the diamond industry has been jailed before an appearance in Tel Aviv.