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Women's Representation

News and updates about Women's Representation

Bill: Ban Chauvinist Parties from the Knesset

Bill on the table to ban parties from Knesset which refuse to include women - a practice notably and consistently held by haredi parties.

Bill: Ban Parties Who Don't Include Women from the Knesset

Woman Appointed Head of Mossad HR

'Y.' has served for years in the organization; women rarely achieve high-ranking positions in Israeli military, intelligence.

A First: Woman Appointed Head of Mossad HR

Haredi Papers Reel at Order to Publish B'Zhutan Ad

Ads for haredi women's party 'like publishing an ad for Baruch Marzel in an Islamist Movement magazine,' Yated Ne'eman opines.

Haredi Papers Insulted by Demand to Publish Women's Party Ads

Meet B'Zhutan, The First Haredi Women's Party

Breakout party B'Zhutan speaks to Arutz Sheva about their platform, what inspires them - and why, this elections, 'enough was enough.'

'We Will Be the First Haredi Women's Party in the Knesset'

54% of Religious Only Vote for Parties with Women

76.3% of Israelis believe in equal representation of women in Knesset as controversy over haredi parties snowballs.

53.8% of Religious Israelis Will Only Vote for Party with Women

Hareidi Women Launch Own Knesset Party

Yet another party for the hareidi camp in the 2015 elections by hareidi women frustrated by discrimination in their communities.

Hareidi Women Launch Own Knesset Party

Bringing Jewish Women to the Leadership Table

Interview: Orthodox Jewish NSA officer explains why women could contribute a lot to Orthodox Jewish leadership.

Bringing Orthodox Jewish Women to the Leadership Tableplayer

Syria: Presidential Elections are 'Democratic'

As candidates begin to announce campaigns against Assad, Syria insists that upcoming elections will express the will of the people.

Syria Insists Presidential Elections are 'Democratic'

Jewish Home on Balancing Feminism, Jewish Law

Jewish Home seeks to bring women into the world of Jewish leadership. Bennett: Excluding women is foolishness.

Jewish Home on Balancing Feminism, Jewish Law