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Cloak-and-dagger: Hezbollah 'hoodwinks' IDF

Hezbollah's news agency managed to interview MK Tzipi Livni and Israeli generals - by pretending to be the BBC.

Cloak-and-dagger: Hezbollah 'hoodwinks' IDFplayer

Livni: Still Quiet Nine Years After Lebanon War

MK Tzipi Livni (Zionist Union/Labor) on Thursday praised the performance of IDF soldiers during the Second Lebanon War.

Livni: Nine Years After Lebanon War, It's Still Quiet Up North

Source: Frustrated Netanyahu Ready for Labor Deal

With less than a week to go before his deadline, PM Netanyahu is said to be ready to give up on deals with Aryeh Deri and Naftali Bennett.

Source: Netanyahu Has Had It 'Up to Here' With Shas, Jewish Home

Bennett: 'Jewish Home' Can Keep Netanyahu 'Honest'

Binyamin Netanyahu talks a good 'right-wing game,' but he needs to be 'watched,' said Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett.

Bennett: Only 'Big Jewish Home' Can Keep Netanyahu 'Honest'

Bennett: Why Didn't Tzipi, Buji Condemn the Hate?

Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett on Sunday slammed Yitzhak Herzog and Tzipi Livni for failing to denounce incitement at Left's rally.

Bennett: Why Didn't Tzipi And Buji Condemn the Hate?

Litzman: Haredim Can't Join Leftist Gov't

A debate seems to be growing in United Torah Jewry on whether or not the party would join a government headed by Labor.

Litzman: UTJ Can't Join Leftist Gov't Aiding Shabbat Desecration

Meretz Slams Livni, Calls Her 'Closet Rightist'

As polls continue to show Meretz weakening, the party has decided to attack its fellow travelers on the left.

Meretz Slams Livni, Calls Her 'Closet Rightist'player

V15: We Are Not Sponsored By 'Foreign Agents'

The Victory in 2015 group is not representative of anyone except themselves, it told the Central Elections Committee Thursday.

V15: We Were Not Sent By 'Foreign Agents' to Unseat Netanyahu

Livni: Holocaust Survivors Deserve Free Legal Help

Tzipi Livni said she would sponsor a law that would provide free legal help to Holocaust survivors seeking to reclaim property or benefits

Livni: Holocaust Survivors Deserve Free Legal Help

Former IDF General Elazar Stern Set to Join Livni

Tzipi Livni's new party gained 9 new members Sunday -- including former IDF Chief Education Officer Elazar Stern

Controversial Former IDF General Elazar Stern Set to Join Livni

Poll Shows 'Has-Been' Coalition tops Likud

Under very specific circumstances, a party headed by Olmert, Livni, and Yair Lapid could eke out a victory over the Likud, a poll shows

Poll Shows 'Has-Been' Coalition of Olmert and Livni tops Likud

Report: Olmert, Livni and Lapid Could Join Forces

Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has reportedly decided that he has been vindicated enough to justify his return to politics

Report: Olmert, Livni and Lapid Could Join Forces for Election