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New strain of swine flu may lead to pandemic, scientists warn

New study by Chinese scientists shows virus becoming more prevalent in pigs may soon make the jump to humans.

Mutated strain of swine flu may lead to new pandemic

Israeli singer cancels show due to swine flu

Shiri Maimon apologizes to fans for cancellation, says she 'doesn't wish this nightmare on anyone.'

Israeli singer cancels show due to swine flu

'Swine flu' most common strain this year

Hospital wards are over 100% full, and morbidity from flu continues to rise, medical association warns.

'Swine flu' most common strain this year

Two children in serious condition from swine flu

Two infants hospitalized, one 1.5-years-old, as H1N1 virus outbreak continues to plague Israel.

Two children in serious condition from swine flu

2-year-old swine flu victim in serious condition

Infant boy with background illnesses in emergency care after being diagnosed with H1N1 virus, amid a nationwide outbreak.

2-year-old swine flu victim hospitalized in serious condition

Health Ministry: Vaccinate against swine flu

13 Israelis now infected with the virus, placing strain on national hospitals.

Health Ministry urges public to vaccinate against swine flu

Swine flu victims up to 13, 9 in serious condition

After woman dies from disease, H1N1 shows up nationwide with two hospitalized in Nahariya in north, pregnant patient given C-section.

Swine flu victims jump to 13, 9 in serious condition

Woman dies of swine flu, six others infected

Four women are being treated at Soroka hospital in Be'er Sheva; the other two are hospitalized in Jerusalem.

Israeli woman dies of swine flu, six others infected

Jewish ‘Burka Family’ Missing After Baby Dies

The hareidi-religious Eida Hareidit organization has joined a search for a hareidi-religious Jerusalem family missing after the baby died.

Jewish ‘Burka Family’ Missing in Israel After Baby's Death

Hospitals Struggle to Cope w/ Swine Flu in Israel

Two more people were admitted Thursday to a hospital in Israel due to the H1N1 virus, also known as “swine flu.” Two people have died.

Hospitals Struggle to Cope with Rising Swine Flu in Israel

Toddler Dies of Swine Flu in Israel

The first death this season from influenza virus has occurred at a hospital in Petah Tikvah.

Toddler Dies of Swine Flu in Israel

CDC Report: Swine Flu is Back

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that swine flu is back, with 12 cases reported by Friday.

CDC Report: Swine Flu is Back

Health Min: After the Holidays, Get a Flu Shot

It's that time of year again; the Health Ministry has issued a recommendation that everyone over 6 months old should get a flu shot.

Health Ministry: Over 6 Months Old? Go Get a Flu Shot

Physicists’ War against the Flu

Move over, physicians. Three Hebrew U. and US physicists may have the solution to the flu: Selective inoculation based on quantum mechanics theory.

Can Quantum Mechanics Conquer the Common Cold?

Pregnant Woman Dies of Swine Flu

A pregnant woman who was hospitalized a month ago with the H1N1 swine flu has died. Her healthy baby was delivered and sent home.

Pregnant Woman Dies of Swine Flu, Healthy Fetus Delivered

Swine Flu Vaccine for All

The H1N1 flu vaccination is available, as of this week, to all citizens of Israel. Not everyone is taking it.

Swine Flu Vaccine Available to All

Ministry Ups H1N1 Vaccines

The Ministry of Health convened Monday to address its concern following a slew of swine flu-related deaths since last Thursday.

Health Ministry Wary of Swine Flu, Increases H1N1 Vaccines

Swine Flu Vaccination Underway

17,000 Israelis have been vaccinated for swine flu, and more vaccines are en route. Campaign still limited to high-risk groups.

Swine Flu Vaccination Underway

Flu Closes Tel Aviv School

A Tel Aviv elementary school has been closed for the first time due to an outbreak of flu. It is not clear which viral strain caused the closure.

Flu Closes Tel Aviv School

Positive Swine Flu Vaccine Test

An Israeli biotech firm said it has successfully tested a swine flu vaccine – but only on rats. Its stock soared before trading was suspended.

Israeli Firm Reports Success for Swine Flu Vaccine

Israel Pushes Swine Flu Vaccines

Israel looks abroad for swine flu vaccines despite controversy. Fifth flu-related death reported.

Israel Pushing for Swine Flu Vaccine Despite Controversy

Third Case of Swine Flu Death

A 12-year-old girl with a severe chronic disease who developed swine flu has died, marking the third death related to H1N1 influenza.

Third Swine Flu Death in Israel

First Swine Flu Death in Israel?

Health experts fear that a recent death may have been caused by the swine flu, making it Israel's first fatality in the global pandemic.

Death May be Linked to Swine Flu

Swine Flu Strikes Jewish Camps

The swine flu has struck at Jewish camps in France and Canada. Normandy's Bnei Akiva campers are under quarantine.

Swine Flu Strikes Jewish Camps in France and Canada

Chuppah Hosts Swine (Flu)

Latex abounded at the wedding of an Illinois rabbinical student and his bride, when the chuppah was attended by a swine – flu, that is.

Chuppah Goes Unorthodox When Wedding Welcomes Swine (Flu)