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Israel Prize Winner Eli Elaluf Joins Kulanu

Eli Elaluf, a social activist who served on the Knesset Committee for Combating Poverty, announced Thursday he is joining Kulanu.

Israel Prize Winner and Social Activist Eli Elaluf Joins Kulanu

Yesh Atid Minister for 'Complete Land of Israel'

In the debate between right and left, there is room for both social activism and love of the Land of Israel, says Yesh Atid's Shai Piron.

Yesh Atid Minister Challenges Party Leader over 'Greater Israel'

Wanted: Jews with a Sense of Mission

How ‘Garin Torani’ communities across Israel are breathing life into struggling communities.

Wanted: Jews with a Sense of Missionplayer

Developing Israel’s ‘Social Periphery’

Mass meeting of Garin Torani ‘seed groups’ aimed at combining community with a social mission.

Developing Israel’s ‘Social Periphery’

Confused Protest: ‘Occupation,’ or High Prices?

Confusion at Tel Aviv rally as protesters disagree on what they are protesting.

Confused Protest in Tel Aviv: ‘Occupation,’ or High Prices?

Protesters: Lapid ‘Twisting the Knife’

Protesters disappointed with Lapid, ‘What about his proposals from before the elections?’

Protesters: Lapid ‘Twisting the Knife’ with New Taxes

Bennett in Interview: Onward to Unity

Naftali Bennett shares his goals for religious-Zionist politics, including his social platform and the candidates he most supports.

Bennett in Post-Election Interview: Onward to Unity

Social Protests Return, Block Streets in Tel Aviv

The summer “social protest season” opened Saturday night with a demonstration in Tel Aviv, attended by some 3,500 people.

Social Protesters Return, Block Streets in Tel Aviv