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Russian Protests

News and updates about Russian Protests

Veteran Russian official resigns in protest of Ukraine war

Russian diplomat with 20-year career resigns in protest of Russia’s “aggressive war” in Ukraine.

Veteran Russian official resigns in protest of Ukraine war

Russia shuts down opposition leader Alexei Navalny's support group after mass protests

Putin continued a nationwide crackdown on his chief critic Alexey Navanly, ordering immediate halt to public rallies in his support.

Russia shuts down Navalny's support group after mass protestsplayer

Changes coming to Russia? Putin cracks down on opposition

As Russian opposition leader's plane is redirected to avoid anti-gov't protests, analysts believe Putin remains in firm control.

Changes coming to Russia? Putin cracks down on oppositionplayer

Treason Law And Torture Case Worry Putin Critics

A respected television anchor compared recent events in Russia to KGB tactics.

New Treason Law In Russia Designed To Crush Anti-Putin Dissent

Is It Pride Or Prejudice Behind USAID Eviction?

USAID is to cease its activities in Russia, the Russian government has decreed.

Russia No Longer Wants Or Needs Outside Help For Russian NGOs

A Trial More Czarist Than Stalinist Ends

The sensational Russian trial of the punk group Pussy Riot has ended, with the verdict to be delivered on August 17.

Government And Church May Have Practiced Overkill Against Group

Rock And Punk Group Learn Not To Cross The Kremlin

By charging a rock group with hooliganism and opposition blogger with corruption, the Kremlin is sending a clear signal to the opposition.

Blogger And Opposition Leader Feels Weight Of Putin's Law

Putin Dismisses the Protesters as Rudderless

Vladimir Putin effectively ruled out the chance of further talks with demonstrators and belittled them as leaderless and clueless.

Putin Closes the Door on Efforts to Placate the Protesters

President Dimitry Medvedev Fails to Convince

If outgoing Russian President Dimitry Medvedev hoped to sway the protesters by offering reforms he did not succeed.

Russian Protesters Do not Trust Medvedev and the System

Prokhorov Gives Russian Opposition a New Face

If New Jersey Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov is really an independent leader he can influence Russian politics.

Prokhorov Could Be a Game Changer Provided He Is Genuine

The Lack of a United Opposition Helps Putin

One demonstration does not make a spring. The opposition must demonstrate cohesiveness or succumb to divide and rule.

They Got Together in a Demonstration but Can They Stay United

50,000 Protest Putin's Rule in Moscow

In the biggest protests since the fall of the Soviet Union, some 50,000 people approached the Kremlin to protest the rule of Vladimir Putin.

50,000 Protest Putin's Rule in Moscow