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Richard Gates

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Report: Trump aide asked Israeli firm for manipulation services

New York Times: Rick Gates asked Israeli company to create fake online identities, gather info on Republican opponents, Hillary Clinton.

Report: Trump aide asked Israeli firm for manipulation services

Two Sides of Defense Sec'y Gates

Robert Gates publicly emphasized "strong" ties with Israel but later told reporters that despite recent PA attacks, “peace talks” must proceed.

Two Sides of Gates: ‘Talk with PA Despite Attacks’player

US Warships Pass Through Suez

The US is moving warships, planes and troops to eastern Libya and two assault ships passed through the Suez Canal Wednesday morning.

US Sends Warships to Suez, Troops Stationed in Libya

Gates: Ahmadinejad Lying to Iran

US Defense Secretary Gates takes the military option off the table and says there is evidence that Ahmadinejad is lying on impact of sanctions.

Robert Gates Takes Military Option Off Iranian Table

US Rejects Targeting Iran

Hours after Biden declared "unswerving support” for Israel, Defense Secretary Gates rejected Netanyahu’s call for a military threat to Iran

US Swerves from Backing Israel’s Call to Target Iran

Clinton: Iran? Al-Qaeda Is Worse

Hillary Clinton claimed Al-Qaeda is more dangerous than Iran, which said it will produce high-grade uranium. Gates: Give sanctions a chance.

Clinton Says Al-Qaeda Greater Threat than Iran

Bibi, Barak Warn US on Iran

PM Netanyahu and DM Barak warned U.S. Defense Secretary Gates in a meeting Monday that Israel takes the Iranian threat seriously.

Netanyahu, Barak Warn US on Iran