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Why didn't Army Radio let Ben-Gvir respond?

Lawyer defamed by broadcasters Razi Barkai and Guri Alfie, then denied chance to comment.

Why didn't Army Radio let Ben-Gvir respond?

MKs opposed to disengagement were denied airtime

Former Army Radio commander says that leading up to Gaza evacuation, the plan's opposers were deliberately denied airtime on 'Kol Yisrael'.

MKs opposed to the disengagement were denied airtime

Ya'alon: No place to compare our grief to theirs

Defense Minister echoes police chief in saying there's no comparison between bereaved parents of slain soldiers and families of terrorists.

Ya'alon: There's no place to compare our grief to theirs

Police chief: We sanctify life

Police chief Alsheikh appears to reply to radio host Razi Barkai, who likened bereaved parents of slain soldiers to families of terrorists.

Police chief: We sanctify life; our enemies sanctify death

Leftist radio host apologizes, but doesn't

Razi Barkai says he's sorry that he offended bereaved fallen soldiers' families - but doesn't take back comparison with terrorists' mothers.

Leftist radio host's insulting 'apology' to bereaved families

Army Radio chief apologizes to bereaved families

Amid outrage over radio host who compared parents of slain IDF soldiers to families of terrorists, Yaron Dekel apologizes for station.

Army Radio commander apologizes to bereaved families

Radio host won't be fired for contentious remark

Army Radio commander apologizes for Razi Barkai's 'outrageous' remark, but says the 'veteran' broadcaster doesn't deserve the heat.

Radio host who likened terrorists to IDF soldiers won't be fired

Hadar Goldin's father clashes with radio host

After Army Radio host compares him with terrorists' families, father puts him in his place, notes 'we're trying to show UN we're not Hamas.'

Hadar Goldin's father clashes with radio host

Poll: Public Thinks Newscasters Radical Leftists

News presenters have unique position to shape public opinion - but what are their opinions? According to public: far left and radical left.

Poll Reveals Public Thinks Newscasters are Radical Leftists

US Officials 'Trying to Cancel Bibi's Speech'

Leftist journalist says Washington trying to convince Netanyahu to hold closed door meeting with Congress leaders instead of speech.

US Officials 'Trying to Get Bibi to Cancel Congress Speech'