Rabbi Meir Chai

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The Last Testament of Rabbi Ben-Zion Meir Hai Uziel ztz”l: Lessons for Generations

He represented the Torah and all Jewry with honor, great wisdom and modesty.

Last Testament of Rabbi Ben-Zion Uziel: Lessons for Generations

‘Arab Terror Targets Even the Dead’

Memorial for terror victim is defaced and Israeli flag torn. “Arab terror targets the living and dead alike,” Samaria residents say.

‘Arab Terror Targets Even the Dead’

Rabbi's Tombstone Defaced

Muslims pour paint on memorial stone for Rabbi Meir Chai, just in time for memorial ceremony one year after the murder.

Arab Barbarism: Slain Rabbi's Tombstone Defaced for Yarzeit

IDF Kills Rabbi Chai's Murderers

General Security Services in partnership with soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) killed the murderers of Rabbi Meir Avshalom Chai.

Murderers of Rabbi Chai Killed By IDF, Security Forces