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Palestine - Kerry is Oblivious to the Demise of the PA

Palestine - Kerry is Oblivious to the Demise of the PA

PA: Salaries to go Unpaid

A blow to statehood goal? PA cannot pay salaries, blames donor countries.

PA: Salaries Unpaid, Fayyad Blames Donors

'Unilateral Gestures only Hurt'

Parents of children murdered by terrorists warn foreign ambassadors against proposed unilateral PA state.

Bereaved Parents Warn Against Unilateral PA State

PA Seeks UN Condemnation

The PA asks the UN Security Council to condemn Israel for allowing Jews to build in Jewish cities in Judea and Samaria. US vetoes resolution.

US Vetoes Resolution to Condemn Israel

Cyprus Recognizes PA as State

Cyprus has become the latest to join the parade of nations proclaiming its recognition of a new PA "state" along the so-called "1967 border."

Cyprus Joins 'PA Recognition' Parade

Fayyad: PA No 'Facebook State'

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad is not looking for a “Facebook State” – and moreover, he is convinced he isn't building one.

Fayyad: No 'Facebook State' for the PA