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Naksa Day

News and updates about Naksa Day

Danon: Israel won't compromise on its security

Israel's UN Ambassador warns of Hamas’ intentions to further inflame tensions in the region on Friday.

Danon: Israel won't compromise on its security

IDF gears up for 'Naksa Day' violence on Gaza border

Hamas organizing new wave of clashes on Israel-Gaza border to mark 51st anniversary of 1967 Six Day War.

IDF gears up for 'Naksa Day' violence on Gaza border

Abbas demands Jerusalem on 'Naksa Day'

On Jerusalem Day - or 'setback day' - PA head says Palestinians will accept 'nothing less' than a reset to 1967 borders.

Abbas demands Jerusalem on 'Naksa Day'

Senior Fatah Official Wounded in Clash with IDF

PLO, PA parliament member joins violent 'Naksa Day' riots throwing stones at IDF; reportedly wounded by stun grenade.

Senior Fatah Official Wounded in Violent Clash with IDF

Security Officials Prepared for Naksa Day Violence

Arab extremists plan two 'major' events this week to protest Israel's Six Day War victory - but not many people expected to turn up.

Security Officials Prepared for 'Naksa Day' Violence

Medical Intern Threw Rocks

A Druze medical intern at Ziv Hospital was among those who hurled rocks at IDF soldiers on Naksa Day.

Medical Intern Threw Rocks at Soldiers

Arabs Break Soldier’s Leg

Arabs and their collaborators hurled rocks at the soldier. Other soldiers opened fire, hurting two of them.

‘Nonviolent’ Arabs and Leftists Break Soldier’s Leg

Hizbullah Behind Border Riots

The IDF released documents this week indicating Hizbullah provocateurs were planted among Syrian rioters on the Israeli border to stir up trouble.

IDF: Hizbullah Provocateurs Incited Syrian Border Riots

Syria's Arab Refugees Expendable

The descendant of a former Arab resident of Israel living in Syria tells reporters that blood of Arab refugees is "cheap" there.

In Syria, 1948 Arab Refugees are Expendable

Iranians Tour Lebanon Border

The visit, on “Naksa Day,” was led by an adviser and son-in-law of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameini.

Iranian Lawmakers Tour Lebanon-Israel Border

Gantz Tours Northern Command

IDF Chief of Staff visits the military's northern HQ, to take an up-close look at preparations for Arab riots.

VIdeo, Photos: Gantz Tours Northern Commandplayer

PM: Syria Enabled Border Clashes

Netanyahu says Assad may be trying to divert attention from the “wholesale killing” of his own citizens.

Netanyahu: Syria Allowed Rioters to Reach Borderplayer

PA’s ‘Nuclear Weapon:’ Refugees

Foreign Arabs classified by the United Nations as refugees are the “nuclear weapon” of the Palestinian Authority, says Mahmoud Abbas’ advisor.

Refugees Are Palestinian Authority’s ‘Nuke Weapon,’ Says PA

‘Assad Paid Arabs to Be Killed’

Assad’s regime paid poor farmers $1,000 to protest at the Israeli border and $25,000 to families for each person killed, an opposition party says.

Assad’s Help Wanted Sign: $25,000 Reward For Being Killed by IDF

IDF Pushes Back Rioters

Security forces used non-lethal means against hundreds in Kalandia. Leftist-Arab arson near Elon Moreh.

IDF Pushes Back Rioters North of Capital

Syrian TV: 20 Dead

Syria says 277 were wounded in ‘Naksa Day’ rioting. Tear gas on rioters from Majdal Shams in Israeli Golan.

Syrian TV: 20 Dead in Clashes with IDF. Israeli Druze Join Riotplayer

Video: Clash at Syrian Border

At least five Syrian Arabs were killed by Israeli soldiers after testing Israel’s determination to stop them, Syrian media says. See IDF video.

Video: Syrian Arabs Test IDF at Border, 'Five Killed'

Video of 1967 War and UN Debate

Israel annihilated Arab enemies in the Six-Day War that began 44 years ago today. Arabs call the loss a “setback” and try to turn it into victory.

1967-2011: Video of Six-Day War, but Arabs Still Try for Victoryplayer

IDF Ready for Action at Border

The IDF has dug trenches and erected barbed wire at sensitive border areas to prevent any attempt to infiltrate on "Naksa Day” Sunday.

IDF Digs Trenches to Stop Border Assaults

Naksa Day Assault Plans Scrapped

Syrian and Lebanese Arabs have scrapped plans to march on Israel’s borders Sunday as “Naksa Day” begins to fizzle out.

Lebanese and Syrian Arabs Scrap ‘Assault’ on Israeli Borders

Military is Ready for Naksa Day

Former IDF commander in Lebanon, says: "The IDF has learned the proper lessons from Nakba Day and is ready for the Naksa Day protests."

Former IDF Commander: Military is Ready for Naksa Day

IDF Should Have Shot Syrians

Expert on Arabs, Dr. David Bukaee, says Israel’s hesitation to fire at infiltrators May 15 could cost it dearly.

IDF Should Have Shot Syrians, Expert Says

Israel Will Protect Its Borders

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu says Israel has "right and obligation to protect its borders" ahead of expected 'Naksa Day' incursions.

Netanyahu: Israel Will Protect Its Borders

Lebanon Seals Border with Israel

Lebanon reportedly does not want “Palestinians” nearing Israel border on “Naksa Day.”

Lebanese Army Seals Border Ahead of 6-Day War Riots

Pro-Active Against Arab Riots

Knesset’s Land of Israel lobby demands strong measures to protect Judea/Samaria residents from next week’s expected Arab riots and violence.

Measures Demanded Against Widespread Arab Riots

Lebanon May Hold Back Protests

As Arabs prepare for 'Naksa Day' protests, Lebanon says it may hold back protesters to avoid a repeat of 'Nakba Day'.

Lebanese Army May Hold Back 'Naksa Day' Protesters

IDF Alert on Northern Border

The IDF has upped its presence on the northern border over calls to continue “Nakba Day” with a Friday march on Israel.

IDF Alert on Border as 'Nakba Day' Continuation Planned

Arabs Preparing for 'Naksa Day'

Following the events of ‘Nakba Day’, Arabs are preparing for ‘Naksa Day’, the day Jerusalem was liberated in 1967.

After Nakba Day: Arabs Preparing for 'Naksa Day'