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News and updates about Mubarak

Lawyer: Israel, Iran Did Not Incite Egypt Violence

Egypt's General Prosecutor said that no outside groups incited the violence in Tahrir Square last year.

Mubarak Prosecutor: Egyptian Violence Not Due to Israel or Iran

Rabbi Ovadia Prays for Mubarak; ‘He Loves Israel’

Revered Rabbi Ovadia Yosef prays Mubarak will be judged innocent and reveals the president once asked him to bless him. “He loves Israel.”

Rabbi Ovadia: Mitzvah to Pray for Mubarak, He Loves Israel

Analyst: Egypt Falling Apart, Could Go Broke Soon

The Arab Spring has turned Egypt into an economic basket case, says a noted economist, while a top Egyptian politician says Cairo is broke.

Analyst: Egypt Falling Apart, Could Go Broke Soon

Egypt Convicts Former Interior Minister

Egypt convicts its former information minister, Anas el-Fiqqi, of corruption and sentences him to seven years in prison.

Egypt Convicts Former Interior Minister

Mubarak Trial Witness Testifies in His Favor

Trial of Hosni Mubarak takes interesting turn when former police general testifies that police were not ordered to fire on protesters.

Mubarak Trial Witness Testifies in His Favor

Six Injured in Mubarak Courtroom Brawl

At least six people were wounded in a courtroom brawl between lawyers Monday as the trial of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resumed.

Six Injured in Mubarak Courtroom Brawl

Mubarak Back in the ’Cage’ as Trial Resumes

Hosni Mubarak and his two sons returned to the “cage” Monday as their trial resumes. They face possible death sentences.

Mubarak Back in the ’Cage’ as Trial Resumesplayer

Former Israeli Ambassador: Mubarak Not Saddam

Zvi Mazel, Israel’s former ambassador to Egypt, says the end of Mubarak’s regime won’t mean a new Egypt, warns of unstable period on the way

Former Israeli Ambassador to Egypt: Mubarak is no Saddam Hussein

Will Mubarak Trial Foster Arab Democracy?

What effect will the Mubarak trial have on an Arab world not used to seeing its dictators in a cage?

What Does the Mubarak Trial Mean for the 'Arab Spring?'

Mayhem in Cairo: Mubarak Died in 2005?

A defense lawyer claims in court Mubarak died in 2005; mayhem broke out in Tahrir Square after similar claims of a “US-Zionist” conspiracy.

Video: Mayhem in Cairo after Claims Mubarak is Dead Since 2005 player

Mubarak Turned Down Eilat Asylum

A leading former Israeli minister, who frequently dealt with Hosni Mubarak, says he offered the deposed leader asylum in Eilat.

Former Minister: I Offered Mubarak Asylum in Eilatplayer

‘Pharaoh’ Mubarak on Trial

Hosni Mubarak arrives in court on a stretcher from a hospital to face the unthinkable – possible execution for a seemingly invincible ruler

‘Pharaoh’ Mubarak on Trial in Stretcherplayer

Mubarak Too Weak to Eat

Ailing Mubarak has not eaten for four days, but a delay in his trial may spark a new uprising as Egyptians demand he be brought to justice.

Mubarak’s Poor Health May Delay Trial and Spark New Uprising