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News and updates about Mauritania

14-year old Mauritanian chess player pulls out of match against Israeli

Teenage chess star, ranked 47th in the world, withdraws from tournament, quoted making disparaging remarks about Israel.

14-year old Mauritanian chess player refuses to play Israeli

Where is a Black Lives Matter when it comes to enslaved African girls?

Today, slavery still exists in Africa and the Middle East, but Western self-flagellation glosses over the actual slavery going on. Op-ed.

Where is a Black Lives Matter for enslaved African girls?

Do some black lives matter more than others?

BLM demonizes Israel but ignores black slavery in Arab states such as.Somalia and Mauritania. Learn the facts. Op-ed

Do some black lives matter more than others?

PA wants to sue Britain over Balfour Declaration

PA Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki asks Arab League for help filing suit against Britain, in bizarre address in Mauritania.

Palestinian Authority wants to sue UK over Balfour Declaration

Terrorist to be Deported Back to Canada

A 24-year-old Canadian who has been held in Mauritania on terror-related charges has been released and will be deported to Canada soon.

Canadian Terrorist to be Deported from Mauritania Back to Canada

Man Sets Himself Ablaze in Egypt

Two men set themselves on fire Monday, one in Egypt and one in Mauritania, echoing the protester in Tunisia whose desperation toppled a government.

Fire Spreading? Man Ablaze Before Egyptian Parliament

Khamenei: 'Annihilate' Israel

Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, promised Wednesday in a meeting with Mauritania's president that Israel would soon be annihilated.

Iran's Supreme Leader: Zionist Regime to be Annihilated