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Ma'ale Shomron

News and updates about Ma'ale Shomron

Stabbing attacks thwarted in Samaria, Hevron

Arab terrorist threw knife at security forces near Ma'ale Shomron, while another armed with knife arrested at Cave of Patriarchs.

Stabbing attacks thwarted in Samaria, Hevron

Ya'alon Demands El-Matan be Declared Legal

Ya'alon has begun to promote the legislation to approve El-Matan as part of the Ma'ale Shomron municipality.

Ya'alon Demands El-Matan be Declared Legal

Watch: IDF Special Ops Nab Firebomb Terrorists

Shin Bet lifts gag order revealing details of how two terrorists - one a minor - lobbed firebomb at Israeli car, critically wounding girl.

Watch: IDF Special Ops Nab Firebomb Terroristsplayer

Critically Wounded Firebomb Victim Stabilizes

Ayala Shapira's condition stabilizes after a successful surgery, first in what appears to be a long struggle to recover from heavy burns.

Critically Wounded 11-Year-Old Firebomb Victim Stabilizesplayer

'Govt. Freed Terrorists, Partner in Firebombing'

Ex-MK Ben-Ari's daughter studies with 11-year-old seriously wounded in firebombing; blames govt. for creating 'freedom fighters.'

'Govt. That Freed Terrorists is Partner in Firebomb Attack'

Father of Firebomb Victim Slams 'Flawed' IDF

Avner Shapira, father of 11-year-old critically wounded in firebomb attack, slams military for not doing enough to pursue terrorists.

'Treating Firebombers as Criminals is Fundamentally Flawed'

Netanyahu Calls to Support Wounded 11 Year Old

Netanyahu speaks to Samaria leader after girl seriously wounded in firebomb attack, is told 'unfreeze building to support residents.'

Netanyahu Calls to Support Critically Wounded 11 Year Old

Officials Demand 'Heavy Hand' Against Attackers

MKs and community leaders express outrage at Thursday's attack on a Ma'ale Shomron resident and his 11 year old daughter.

Officials Demand 'Heavy Hand' Against Ma'ale Shomron Attackers

Technician Escapes Stabbing Attempt in Samaria

Arab terrorists block Bezeq technician's car and approach armed with knives, technician manages to flee.

Technician Escapes Terrorist Stabbing Attempt in Samaria