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Shas MK: 'Benny Gantz joined hate discourse against haredim'

MK Michael Malkieli in interview week before elections: 'Danger to Right rule in Israel. Liberman friendly to Meretz and Arab parties.'

Shas MK: 'Benny Gantz joined hate discourse against haredim'

'Facebook subsidized protesters against Trump'

Report: Since Trump's election companies in Silicon Valley have given employees paid holidays to demonstrate.

'Facebook subsidized protesters against Trump'

Setback for Knesset Inquiries

After Netanyahu gives Likud MKs freedom to vote as they wish on the establishment of the committees of inquiry, Liberman postpones vote

Inquiries into Leftist Funding Dealt Setback in Knesset

Kadima, Labor Boycott NGO C'tees

Sharp reaction by Coalition as Kadima calls the Knesset inquiries "undemocratic." MK Ben-Ari (NU) to sit on committee.

Kadima, Labor Boycotting NGO Funding Inquiries

Likud 'Feinshmekers' Lose

Likud MKs who oppose a parliamentary inquiry into leftist groups' funding lost the vote in a loud Knesset session.

Likud 'Feinshmekers' Lose in Faction Debate over Inquiry