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Jerusalem Municipality demolishes Gan Hamelech illegal building

First demolition of illegal building in area after more than decade when dozens of illegal buildings in Gan Hamelech left standing.

Jerusalem Municipality demolishes Gan Hamelech illegal buildingplayer

Ariel: Bibi Letting Arabs ‘Steal’ Jerusalem

MK: Illegal Arab construction is taking over half of historic Jerusalem; PM does nothing to stop it.

Ariel: Bibi Letting Arabs ‘Steal’ Jerusalem

Gan Hamelech Moving Ahead

Plans to develop the King's Garden area will continue despite Arab riots , says Jerusalem City Council member Edna Freidman, and all will benefit.

Interview: The Truth About Those 22 Illegal Arab Houses

UN 'Expert' Accuses Israel

UN appointee termed by Israeli ambassador as not "impartial or objective” warns that Israeli actions in Jerusalem could amount to war crimes.

‘Impartial’ UN Expert: Israeli Actions are ‘War Crimes'

Barak Echoes US: Delay Park Plan

Barak, visiting the United States, sides with the American government and opposes Jerusalem’s proposed park.

Barak Echoes US, Throws Cold Water on Jerusalem Park Plan

New US-Israel Crisis Looms

The US said Monday it is “concerned over Jerusalem’s plan to destroy illegally built Arab homes to make way for a park." PA: A dangerous step.

New US-Israel Crisis Looms over Jerusalem Park

King's Garden Plan Approved

City wishes to retroactively legalize ¾ of the Arab houses built in the King’s Garden area. The plan rec'd zoning and planning committee approval.

Jerusalem City Approves King's Garden Plan