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Givot Olam in Samaria - Paradise on a Hilltop

Wild-haired shepherds, horse-riders - a sight straight out of the Hebrew Prophets. If you're visiting Samaria, don't miss this out.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild: Givot Olam in Samaria

Judea and Samaria as You've Never Seen It

Not a conflict zone, but a tourist's paradise; find out why, despite the negative headlines, tourism is booming in 'the West Bank.'

Experience Judea and Samaria as You've Never Seen It

Book Maps Emerging Judea-Samaria Tourism Industry

Karni Eldad's stereotype-smashing book reveals Judea-Samaria as one of Israel's hidden tourism gems - and all thanks to a Haaretz article.

Guide Book Maps Out Emerging Judea and Samaria Tourism Industry