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Anti-Semitic Designer Loses Court Caseplayer

Anti-Semitic Designer Loses Court Case

Court overrules John Galliano's claim Dior sacked him 'unfairly' after he was caught on video spouting Jew hatred, saying 'I love Hitler.'

Anti-Semitic Designer Returns to the Fashion Industryplayer

Anti-Semitic Designer Returns to Fashion Industry

John Galliano was charged for two anti-Semitic rants, in which he said 'I love Hitler' - now he's designing for the runway again.

British Fashion Designer 'Grateful' Over Racist-Spurred Downfall

Designer 'Grateful' Over Racist-Spurred Downfall

British designer John Galliano, who was fired from fashion position over anti-Semitic tirade, claimes he is "grateful" for fall from grace.

Petition: 'School Values Anti-Semite Over Entire Jewish Body'

'Parsons Values Anti-Semite Over Jewish Students'

NY students have launched a petition aimed at imploring fashion design school to repeal its teaching invitation to alleged anti-Semite.

Accused Anti-Semitic Fashion Designer Set to Teach in NY

Anti-Semitic Fashion Designer to Teach in NY

Fashion designer John Galliano, who was convicted in France for a public anti-Semitic rant, is set to teach at top NY design school.

Israeli Eurovision Contestant Barred From Wearing Galliano

Israeli Eurovision Contestant Barred From Galliano

Israel’s contestant in the international Eurovision music festival was barred from wearing a dress by designer John Galliano.

Top Designer Convicted But Only Fined for Anti-Semitic Remarks

Designer Convicted, Fined for Anti-Semitic Remarks

European Jewish Congress disappointed after John Galliano is only fined 6,000 euros for making anti-Semitic insults in Paris restaurant.