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Ya'alon pulls out of Arutz Sheva conference

Sources close to defense minister say move connected to impending demolitions in Judea-Samaria, disputed Hevron house.

Why did Ya'alon pull out of Arutz Sheva conference?

Jerusalem Conference Next on LGBT 'Crash List'?

A panel on how rabbis and educators should deal with homosexuality has raised the LGBTs' hackles and they promise to show up in full force.

Jerusalem Conference Next on LGBT 'Crash List'?

Most Religious-Zionists Oppose Female Rabbis

A Jerusalem Conference survey finds 54% do not want women deciding halacha, 18% are in favor of it.

Most Religious-Zionists Oppose Female Rabbis

Ben-Ari Slams Jewish Home: Sold Out For 'Success'

Fierce dispute between former MK Ben-Ari and MK Wartzman at Jerusalem Conference over Jewish Home's partnership in govt.

Ben-Ari Slams Jewish Home: You Sold Out For 'Success'

Jerusalem Mayor Calls for New Chief Rabbis

Nir Barkat says the capital needs its own Sephardic, Ashkenazic Chief Rabbis; positions should be split between hareidi, religious-Zionist.

Jerusalem Mayor Calls for New Chief Rabbis, Rejects Partitionplayer

Fiery Debate: Why Aren't Israeli Arabs Loyal?

Jerusalem Conference debate: are Israeli Arabs alienated because they are poor, or poor because they are alienated?

Fiery Debate: Why Aren't Israeli Arabs Loyal to State?

Rabbi: Let Secular Israelis See Movies on Shabbat

Rabbi Yaakov Medan of the Har Etzion yeshiva said that secular Israelis should have the opportunity to attend the cinema on Shabbat.

Rabbi: Let Secular Israelis Attend Cinema on Shabbat

'Court Supported the Expulsion'

Dr. Haim Shain of Shaare Mishpat College says: The Supreme Court supported expelling Jews from their homes, but would never allow it for Arabs.

Expert: 'The Supreme Court Doesn't See Israel as Jewish State"player

'Death to the Itamar Murderers'

Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom: Itamar murders are brutal and inhuman. In this case everyone agrees that the terrorists must be put to death.

Deputy PM: Death to the Itamar Murderersplayer

'Netanyahu Dividing Jerusalem'

Israel Land Fund shows video proof that Israel's government is giving neighborhoods in Jerusalem to the Palestinian Authority.

Israel Land Fund: Netanyahu is Already Dividing Jerusalemplayer

J Conf Discusses Refusing Orders

Jerusalem Conference: The new security adviser, from the national religious camp, urged rabbis not to fight the IDF on issue of expulsion orders.

Jerusalem Conf: Security Chief Says ‘Obey Expulsion Orders’

Making Torah and Science Coexist

INN TV meets Rabbi Dan Marans of the Zomet Institute which works to bring the modern world and the age old Jewish law together.

Zomet Finds Ways to Use Technology on Shabbat-For Special Casesplayer

'Jerusalem Conference' Coming Up

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu and Rabbi Eliezer Melamed to appear in March conference alongside entrepreneur Rami Levy, MKs.

'Jerusalem Conference' to Feature Top Rabbis

Videos: Sen. Bayh and Dore Gold

Outgoing U.S. Senator Evan Bayh and Ambassador Dore Gold addressed the Jerusalem Conference on the threats emanating from Iran.

Senator Bayh, Dore Gold Address Jerusalem Conferenceplayer

Jerusalem Conference Next Week

Israel's one-time Ambassador to Iran, Prof. Bernard Lewis, US Congressmen and Generals will be among speakers at next week’s Jerusalem Conference.

Jerusalem Conference To Star Netanyahu, Barkat, Honorees