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Itamar Shimoni

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Ashkelon Mayor Backtracks on Arab Worker Ban

Residents support Shimoni citing security for their children; claims he never planned to fire Arabs, just have them work after school hours.

Ashkelon Mayor Backtracks on Arab Worker 'Ban'

Jews Take to the Street: 'Don't Hire Arabs'

Demos supporting Ashkelon mayor as debate rages on legality of laying off Arabs for security; Feiglin: 'no Arab workers on IDF bases.'

Jews Take to the Street: 'Don't Hire Arabs'player

Ex-MK Calls Bluff: No Arab Knesset Workers Either

Bennett's '99.9% Arab loyalty' claim and Netanyahu's indignation face an inconvenient fact Ben-Ari noticed during his years in the Knesset.

Ex-MK Calls Knesset's Bluff: You Don't Hire Arabs Either

Erdan Slams Ashkelon Mayor for Laying Off Arabs

Gilad Erdan warns decision to lay-off Arab workers as 'security precaution' discriminatory, could further tensions.

Interior Minister Opens Investigation into Ashkelon Mayor

Ashkelon Mayor Nixes Arab Employees

Amid security concerns, Askelon mayor Itamar Shimoni asks that Arab employees temporarily stop working in schools. Leftists angry.

Left Outraged as Ashkelon Mayor Nixes Arab Employees

Ministers to Approve Mass Cuts to Fund Operation

1.9 billion shekel cut will hit education hardest; Ashkelon mayor incensed over 'disgrace' as his city not among initial aid recipients.

Ministers to Approve Massive Budget Cuts to Fund Gaza Operation

Gaza Belt Mayors Tell Residents Not to Return

'Maybe in Jerusalem there's a ceasefire, not here,' says head of Eshkol council; Ashkelon mayor calls ceasefire 'submission to terror.'

Gaza Belt Community Leaders Tell Residents Not to Return

Ashkelon: Schools Evacuated Due to High Radiation

Ashkelon mayor evacuates certain classrooms exposed to high radiation, citing student health; students relocated to community center.

Ashkelon: Schools Exposed to High Radiation Evacuated