News and updates about Insubordination

MK: Don't Attack Refuser-Soldiers, Listen to Them

Intelligence reservists who declared that they would not serve in the IDF should be praised for their 'courage,' said Meretz MK Horowitz.

Meretz MK: Don't Attack Refuser-Soldiers, Listen to Them

IDF Vows Firm Action over Leftist Insubordination

Only a handful of leftist soldiers from intelligence unit calling for insubordination actually served in combat; IDF vows zero-tolerance.

IDF Vows Firm Action Against Leftist Insubordination Calls

200 Reservists Sign Letter Against Insubordination

Backlash continues after leftist reservists accuse elite IDF unit of abuses in Judea-Samaria; politicians blast 'disgusting slander.'

200 Sign Reservist Letter Blasting Leftist Calls for IDF Refusal

Ya'alon Condemns Reservists' Insubordination Call

Defense Minister says leftist reservists who accused elite intel unit of abuse taking part in 'delegitimization' campaign against Israel.

Ya'alon Slams 'Foolish and Disgusting' IDF Insubordination Call

Opposition Chair Blasts Intelligence Unit Mutiny

LAbor party head Yitzchak Herzog is a major in the elite Unit 8200, from which 43 reservists signed a letter of insubordination.

Opposition Chair 'Disgusted' by Refusers from Intelligence Unit

Elite Intel Unit Soldiers Submit 'Insubordination'

Members of prestigious Unit 8200, including far-left activists, send media letter refusing to 'harm innocents' by gathering info.

Soldiers in Elite Intel Unit Declare 'Insubordination'

Ex-MK Supports Rabbi on Trial for Incitement

Former MK Eldad condemns indictment against Rabbi Wolpo and Weintraub for 'inciting' insubordination against expelling Jews.

Ex-MK Supports Rabbi on Trial for Incitement: 'I Said the Same'