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Land is holy

Land is holy

Terror ties of BDS backers revealed

Testimony at congressional committee reveals close ties between BDS backers and Hamas fundraisers.

Terror ties of BDS backers revealed

Olmert Aide to be Released from Jail Early

Shula Zaken's 11-month sentence as part of a plea bargain incriminating Olmert to be shortened by two-thirds.

Olmert Aide to be Released from Jail Early

Barkat: 'Sunshine' is Best Antidote to Corruption

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat is the heir of an odd legacy: The people who preceded him in office are both convicted felons.

Barkat: 'Sunshine' is the Best Antidote to Corruption

Olmert: I Never Took a Bribe For Holyland

Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said that he never took bribes to push ahead the construction of the Holyland housing project.

Olmert: I Never Took a Bribe For Holyland, Or Anything Else

Best Buy Hamas Boycott Petition Breaks 10,000

An online petition to boycott the US-based Best Buy chain alleging the electronics store has ties to Hamas has passed the 10,000 mark.

Best Buy Link to Hamas? Boycott Petition Breaks 10,000

'Holy Land' Hamas Funders' Appeal Denied

Five Holy Land Foundation organizers in the US have lost an appeal of their conviction for funding the Hamas terrorist group.

US ' Holy Land' Hamas Funders' Appeal Denied in Texas Court

Calls to Boycott Campbell Soup

Bloggers call to boycott Campbell Soup after it introduces halal line of soups in Canada, certified by an organization with possible Hamas ties.

Popular Soup Boycotted Due to Halal Line of Products

Police Say: Indict Olmert

Israel Police says it will recommend that former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert be indicted for alleged bribery in the Holyland apartments scandal.

Police Say: Indict Olmert in Holyland Scandal

High Crt. to Rule on Olmert Case

Though the Cremeiux St. case against Olmert was closed by the State Prosecution, the Supreme Court has suggested that the decision be reconsidered.

Supreme Court to Rule on Cremeiux St. Case Against Olmert

Olmert Grilled for 8 Hours

Former Prime Minister was questioned in the offices of the National Unit for Fraud Investigations in Lod.

Olmert Grilled for 8 Hours on Holyland Scandal

Turning Scandal into Blessing

Halt is ordered to further luxury construction in the scandal-ridden Holyland project; residents want cheap housing there for young couples.

Turning Scandal into Blessing

'Olmert Got NIS 1M from Zaken'

Shula Zaken was released to house arrest. She is suspected of funneling cash to her boss and taking hundreds of thousands of shekels for herself.

Police: Olmert Received 1 Million Shekels through Bureau Chief

Shula Zaken Returns, is Arrested

Former Prime Minister Olmert's Bureau Chief Zaken arrives in Israel and is immediately arrested in connection to the Holyland scandal.

Shula Zaken Returns, is Arrested

Holyland the Tip of the Iceberg?

In the wake of the Holyland scandal, police are asked to look into other municipal projects promoted by those suspected of taking bribes.

After Holyland: Demands to Investigate Other Projects

Demand: Put a Stop to Holyland

Legal expert, government watchdog group call to put a stop to the Holyland project in Jerusalem. Call to investigate light rail project.

Demand: Put a Stop to Holyland

Holyland Documents 'Disappear'

Police discover that forms have 'disappeared' in Holyland case. Former mayor, accountant released to house arrest.

Documents Missing in Holyland Affair

Olmert Prime ’Holyland’ Suspect

The police and courts took the wraps off the Holyland apartment bribery case and revealed that Ehud Olmert is the number one suspect.

Olmert Prime Suspect in Holyland Apartment Bribe Case

Police Ready to Arrest Olmert

The noose appears to be tightening around former PM Olmert’s neck. Police will be at the airport to arrest him when he returns, sources tell TIME.

'Police Waiting to Arrest Olmert'