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Highway 443

News and updates about Highway 443

'The trip to Gush Etzion has just become shorter'

Ceremony unveils 'Rosemarin Interchange,' which enables drivers to traverse Jerusalem in 12 minutes.

'The trip to Gush Etzion has just become shorter'player

IDF prepares for shooting attack on J'lem highway

Ram Brigade holds drill simulating terror attack at Highway 443 gas station, which has become a terror hotspot in recent months.

IDF prepares for shooting attack on Jerusalem highway

Baby in serious condition from hypothermia

Highways 443 and 60 closed due to snow and ice; 7-week-old infant given medical treatment in serious condition from snowstorm.

Baby in serious condition from hypothermia

Security fence being built near site of murder

Two days after a soldier was stabbed to death at the gas station on Route 443, a fence is being constructed.

Security fence being built near site of murder

Security Boosted on Major Highway to Stop Terror

Residents along Route 443 have been so afraid to drive that they have been taking Highway 1 to avoid it, security source reveals.

Security Boosted on Major Highway to Prevent Terror

Highway 443 Outside J'lem, the New Terror Hotpoint

Arabs hit motorcyclist in head with rocks near site of gas station stabbing; three others wounded including a baby - day after baby wounded.

Highway 443 Outside Jerusalem, the New Terror Hotpoint

'Arabs Watched Terrorist Stab Me and Did Nothing'

Survivor of attack near J'lem relives pursuit and 5 stabbings; video shows stabber lurking outside car seeking another victim.

'Arabs Chuckled, Watched the Terrorist Stab Me and Did Nothing'player

'Every Concession Brings Terror Attacks'

MK Hazan and activist Marzel speak to Arutz Sheva at site of stabbing just minutes after, note tie to demolition orders on nearby synagogue.

At Stabbing Scene: 'Every Concession Brings Terror Attacks'player

Israeli Wounded in Stabbing Attack

26-year-old lightly wounded after Arab terrorist stabs him at gas station on Highway 443; terrorist shot.

Israeli Wounded in Stabbing Attackplayer

Modi'in Rabbi: They Tried to Kill Me

A Modi'in rabbi reports he was the target of a murder attempt by Arab terrorists on the road to Jerusalem on Saturday night.

Modi'in Rabbi: 'They Tried to Kill Me'

US Bans Nighttime Travel on 443

One day after a report that Netanyahu can’t travel on Highway 443 because of fears of Arab attacks, the US bans it workers from the road at night.

US Bans Government Workers from Israeli Highway 443 at Night

Shin Bet: 443 Not Safe for PM

Road 443 is said to be safe for all Israelis - except Prime Minister Netanyahu, who told MKs that the Shin Bet has forbidden him from using it.

Shin Bet: Road 443 Safe for All Israelis - Except PM Netanyahu

First Attacks Reported on 443

Shortly after Highway 443 opens to Palestinian Authority traffic, Jewish drivers report attacks along the road.

First Attacks Reported on 443

Courts Questioned over 443

Highway 443 opens to PA traffic, MKs call to restrict Supreme Court's ability to rule on security-related matters.

As 443 Opens to PA, MKs Call to Restrict Supreme Court

MKs Call to Postpone 443 Opening

Members of Knesset are concerned by the opening of Highway 443. MK Moses: Supreme Court failed to see reality on the ground.

MKs Call to Postpone 443 Opening

Rock Attacks on Route 443

No one hurt, several vehicles damaged on the road between Modiin and Jerusalem that is to reopen to Arab traffic.

Rock Attacks on Highway 443

Appeal to Keep PA off Road 443

Approximately 1,000 families have joined a petition to the High Court that the IDF plan to reopen Highway 443 opens the gates to terror.

1,000 Families Back Court Appeal to Keep PA Arabs Off Road 443

MK Tibi Bails Out PA Rioters

MK Ahmed Tibi pays bail for PA Arabs arrested for rioting, causes ruckus by attempting to shake hands.

MK Tibi Bails Out PA Rioters

Terrorists Wound Baby on 443

Arab terrorists wounded a father and his baby boy with a firebomb on "terror highway 443. US Secy of State Hillary Clinton did not comment.

Arab Firebomb Wounds Father and Baby Son on Highway 443

3,000 PA Arabs to Use Route 443

IDF estimates that thousands of PA Arabs will use controversial Jerusalem-Modiin highway beginning in May. Attacks along the road continue.

Thousands of PA Arabs to Use Jerusalem-Modiin Highway

Appeal to Open Up Roads for Jews

A High Court ruling that Arabs must be allowed to use Highway 443 has prompted a petition that the court also order other roads be opened for Jews.

Petition to Court to Open Up Highways for Jews

Court: Let Arabs Use Major Road

The High Court ruled Tuesday that PA Arabs must be allowed to use Highway 443, which connects Jerusalem with Modi'in and the airport.

High Court Opens up Major Artery 443 to PA Arabs