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US economy rebounds with 531,000 jobs added in October

Strong job growth for October shows the American economy on the upswing, with the jobless rate falling to 4.6 percent.

US economy rebounds with 531,000 jobs added in October

$4 trillion wiped out as stock markets plummet

After year of record highs, global markets tank, erasing $4 trillion in stock value after Dow Jones suffers largest single decline ever.

$4 trillion wiped out as stock markets plummet

'Don't Fight the Fed,' Bank of Israel Learns Again

The shekel fell when the Bank of Israel slashed interest rates - and rose again, when the Federal Reserve didn't do anything.

'Don't Fight the Fed,' Bank of Israel Learns Once Again

Eurozone Nations in Denial on Fiscal Problems

Numerous nations in Europe are still in denial about the economic crisis they are facing, Bank of Israel Gov. Stanley Fischer says.

Fischer: Eurozone Nations Still in Denial on Fiscal Problems

Gov't Approves Tax Hikes, Spending Cuts

The government on Monday passed a sweeping measure to tighten Israel's belt at a time when the world is facing another financial crisis.

Gov't Approves Massive Tax Hikes, Spending Cuts

OECD to Israel: Great Job! But Crisis Not Over Yet

OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria praises Israel on its management of the global fiscal crisis, but warns “it's not over yet.”

OECD: 'Pat on the Back and Move On - Crisis Not Over'player

Global Economy Facing 'Approaching Crisis'

Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer predicted an 'approaching crisis' for world markets at 12th Annual Herzliya Conference.

Fischer: Global Economy Facing 'Approaching Crisis'player

China Records Longest Downturn Since 2009

China's production has contracted, diminishing hopes that China can play the economic locomotive

Money Tightening, Reduced Demand and Competition Hit China

Banks Leery of Holding Italian Sovereign Debt

Soaring bond yields and bearing predictions hit Spain and Italy causing European central bankers to scramble.

Bankers Cut Short Vacations to Address Spanish, Italian Crises

Debt Contagion Threatens Italy

Europe's failure to convincingly tackle the problems in the smaller states has now created doubts about the major economies.

Sovereign Debt Crisis Menaces Italy As Securities Tumble

Economic Hell in Hellas

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou soldiers on with the austerity plan despite massive popular discontent.

Greek Parliament Passes Austerity Budget