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Emmanuel Macron defeats Marine Le Pen

President Macron holds lead over right-wing challenger as polls close in France. Le Pen concedes race.

Emmanuel Macron defeats Marine Le Pen

Does France deserve its fate?

Islamization becomes irreversible when the Muslim population reaches 20%. French election results can speed the process or slow it. Op-ed.

Does France deserve its fate?

A self-Islamicized France anesthetizes itself with genderism

A self-Islamicized France anesthetizes itself with genderism

French presidential candidate: Jews wished to break our laws

Leading candidate for French president says France 'fought' against Jews who did not wish to obey French law.

French presidential candidate: Jews wished to break our laws

Socialist Government Copes With Peugeot Layoffs

Hardly a month in power. the French Socialists are trying to come to grips with the announcement of mass layoffs in auto industry.

Dismissal Of 8000 Workers Is A Rude Awakening For Socialists

Socialists Consolidate Power In France

The French Socialists scored an absolute majority in the legislative elections, the first time they have accomplished this since 1981.

With Majority In National Assembly, French Socialists In Control

Gordon Brown Urges Action Warns Of French Bailut

The simmering feud over policy between Germany and France was evident last week.

Hollande Warned By Germans As He Collects Allies Against Merkel

President Normal Roiled By Domestic Abnormalities

The French Conservatives hope that this week's events will provided a bit of a lift in Sunday's election.

French Legislative Elections Dominated By Change Your Partner

France Semi-United Left Trumps A Fractured Right

There will be no left landslide reminiscent of 1981, but a more cohesive left will still obtain a majority in the National Assembly.

French Socialists And Allies Win Round One, But No Landslide

UMP Still Trying To Devise A Recuperation Path

The UMP, up to a month ago the party in power in France, is facing a debacle in the legislative elections. The comeback path will be long.

Ex Party Of Government Faces Electoral Drubbing Without A Leader

French Israelis Solidly Backed Sarkozy

Sarkozy won nearly 93 percent of the votes of French citizens in Israel, but expats elsewhere reflected the vote back home.

French Israelis Solidly Backed Sarkozy

Left's Unity Will Assure National Assembly Control

Analysis: Having won the presidency, the French left appears a shoo-in to win June's legislative elections.

Hollande's Victory Will Provide Springboard For Legislative Vote

Is Hollande's Challenge To Germany All Bluster?

For now the financial markets are discounting Francois Hollande's campaign pledges as mere rhetoric.

Hollande's Expected Victory Casts Shadow On Franco-German Motor

Sarkozy Fails To Expand Support Base

Nicolas Sarkozy had to simultaneously win votes to his right and those in the center. He apparently will do neither.

Le Pen Scorns Both Major Parties Guaranteeing Hollande's Victory

Sarkozy Shakes EU By Introducing The "R" Word

Even though his offer of a referendum reflects constitutional reality, Sarkozy's position further unnerves EU.

Sarkozy Offer Of Referendum Reflects Legislative Roadblock

Sarkozy And Hollande Both Blame EU For Le Pen Vote

The success of anti-EU candidate Marine Le Pen has caused a slanging match between the EU and French politicians.

Sarkozy Trades Barbs With EU Partisans As He Woos Le Pen Voters

Le Pen, The Surprise Of Elections, Plays Neutral

Although the right actually bested the left on the first round in overall votes, this will not save Nicolas Sarkozy on the second round.

Right Does Better Than Expected But Sarkozy Remains The Underdog

France Elections Headed for Runoff

French President Nicolas Sarkozy to face socialist Francois Hollande in a runoff election on May 6.

France Elections Headed for Runoff

Fight Against Anti-Semitism Enters French Election

French Socialist presidential candidate Francois Hollande said he will "relentlessly fight against anti-Semitism” if elected Sunday.

Fight Against Anti-Semitism Enters French Election

Sarkozy Socialists Clash Over National Front

Nicolas Sarkozy pursued his difficult strategy of appealing to the right without alienating centrists and evoked specter of economic ruin.

Sarkozy Promises To Curb Immigrant Welfare Sponges

Sarkozy Narrows Race But Needs Reinforcements

In the aftermath of the Toulouse massacres. Sarkozy has slightly narrowed the odds. but needs votes to his right and left.

Sarkozy Must Move Right And Left Simultaneously To Beat Hollande

Toulouse Aftershocks Influence French Campaign

Nicolas Sarkozy and his rivals seek to demonstrate toughness against Muslim extremism.

Anti-Semitic Muslim Preachers Persona Non Grata In France

Melenchon Wants To Be Last 5th Republic President

The surge by the French extreme left has paradoxically given the center-right some hope.

Far Left Candidate Seeks to Arouse French Revolutionary Spirit

France May Abandon Europe Without Borders

Nicolas Sarkozy, in trying to revive his campaign, has attacked the EU's failure on illegal immigration and job protection.

Sarkozy Veers From Defender Of The Euro To Critic of EU

Sarkozy Promises to Visit Israel If Re-elected

French President Nicolas Sarkozy promises that if he is re-elected, he will visit Israel and the PA to promote peace.

Sarkozy Promises to Visit Israel If Re-elected

Jewish Organizations Slam French Prime Minister

French PM Francois Fillon stumbled by casting aspersions on ritual slaughter.

Jewish Kosher Slaughter Enters French Presidential Campaign

Sarkozy Bombs In Bayonne As Basques Hoot Him

Sarkozy's hope for first ballot win had a setback last week when he was chased into a bar by demonstrators. Hollande plans 75% tax for rich.

Sarkozy Bombs In Bayonne As Basques Hoot Him, Hollande Gains

Sarkozy Still Trails On Second Ballot Polls

Nicolas Sarkozy must combat rampant pessimism and the feeling that past French governments left the country unprepared for the modern world.

Sarkozy Trails in Polls as Pessimistic France Blames Leaders

French Presidential Ballot To Take Final Shape

Nicolas Sarkozy about to end shadow candidacy and declare, while Marine Le Pen may or may not have enough sponsors to qualify.

Nicolas Sarkozy To End False Suspense; Le Pen Seeks Sponsors

UMP Seizes On Inflammatory Remarks To Go On Attack

The Gueant affair has escalated after a Socialist Deputy all but accused the Minister of Interior of sympathy for the Nazi era.

Attack On Minister Of Interior Triggers Parliamentary Walkout

All Cultures Are Not Created Equal, Says Minister

French Interior Minister has enlivened the French presidential elections by claiming that cultures that subjugate women are not equal.

Clash Of Civilizations Enters French Presidential Contest

Merkel Will Try To Help Sarkozy Win Reelection

Nicolas Sarkozy plans to offer the French a German style economy, promising competitiveness and low unemployment.

Sarkozy Would Have France Emulate The Success of Germany

Hollande Relegates Sarkozy To The Past

Nicolas Sarkozy will try to convince Frenchmen on Sunday that he is not yet a man of the past.

Undeclared French Presidential Candidate Running Out Of Time

Sarkozy to Quit Politics if He Loses Re-Election

Is French President Nicolas Sarkozy a sore loser? Sarkozy claimed last weekend that he will quit politics if he is not re-elected.

Sarkozy to Quit Politics if He Loses Re-Election

Hollande Mimics Obama's "Change" Theme

Socialist Party nominee Francois Hollande made a pitch to the French left in kicking off his presidential campaign.

Hollande Mimics Obama's "Change" Theme

Le Pen Pledges to Save Billions By EU Euro Exit

While the Socialist game plan has been to trounce Nicolas Sarkozy in the second round they are showing concern about a Le Pen surge.

French Socialists Begin To Take Le Pen Candidacy Seriously

Le Pen Appeals To Voters Hurt By Falling Economy

Marine Le Pen in an attempt to restore momentum is adopting populism and protectionism.

Le Pen Hopes To Capitalize On French Economic Discontent

Sarkozy Cannot Plug All the Economic Leaks in Time

While Sarkozy was fighting the deficit, he neglected the unemployment front. Now he is desperately trying to catch up.

Anti-Deficit Sarkozy Pivots to Tackle Rising Unemployment

Sarkozy Neck and Neck in Polls with Hollande

Marine Le Pen will not block Nicolas Sarkozy from making it into the second round of the presidential elections but can still hurt him.

His Position Has Improved, But Sarkozy Has a Long Way to Go

Interview: Kippah-wearing Jews in Europe are like dead men walking

Interview: Kippah-wearing Jews in Europe are like dead men walking