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Fiamma Nirenstein

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Italy: Jewish Leaders Push Rivlin to Block Envoy

Haaretz claims Rome's chief rabbi and community head say Fiamma Nirenstein's identification with Right could harm Israeli-Italian relations.

Italy's Jewish Leaders Pressure Rivlin to Block New Envoy

Backlash Among Italian Jews Over New Israeli Envoy

Leaders of Italy's Jewish community fear appointment of fiercely pro-Israel Fiamma Nirenstein will prompt charges of dual loyalty.

Backlash Among Italian Jews Over New Israeli Envoy

Pro-Israel Journalist Israeli Ambassador to Italy

Fiamma Nirenstein, the fiercely pro-Israel jourmalist and former member of the Italian parliament, is Israel's new ambassador to Italy.

Fiercely Pro-Israel Journalist New Israeli Ambassador to Italy

Italian MP, Journalist Plans Aliyah

Italian Parliament Member Fiamma Nirenstein says she won’t run for re-election at the Chamber of Deputies. Instead, she’s moving to Israel.

Italian Parliamentarian, Journalist Plans Aliyah

Italian MPs to Visit Israel's Gaza Belt Residents

A delegation of Italian MPs from different parties will visit Kibbutz Kfar Aza to show solidarity with Israelis living near Gaza.

Italian MPs to Visit Israel's Gaza Belt Residents

ICJP Calls: Counter Threats to Middle East

The International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians is calling the world to counter the threats to the Middle East from Iran and Hamas.

ICJP Calls Parliamentarians to Counter Threats to Middle East

Italian Anti-Semitism Committee Approves Report

An Italian Committee for the Inquiry into Anti-Semitism approves its final report, will present it to the public next week.

Italian Anti-Semitism Committee Approves Final Report

ICJP Denounces PA Statehood Bid

The International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians meets in the U.S. to discuss the PA's unilateral statehood bid.

ICJP Denounces PA Statehood Bid: A Fatal Blow to Peace

Italian MPs Against Unilateral PA Move

Over 150 Italian MPs call on the international community to oppose the PA's statehood bid, call for resumption of negotiations.

Italian MPs Write Letter Against Unilateral PA Move

Italy's Nirenstein Heads ICJP

Italian lawmaker Fiamma Nirenstein is the new chair of the ICJP, made up of Jewish lawmakers from all continents.

Nirenstein to Head Int'l Council of Jewish Parliamentarians

CAMERA Honors Fiamma Nirenstein

Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America bestows prizes on diplomats who are unafraid to back Israel.

Fiery Fiamma, Joltin' Bolton Honored by CAMERA

Italy to Fight Web Anti-Semitism

Italy approves protocol that would allow local investigators to coordinate investigations into online anti-Semitism in other parts of the world.

Italy Approves Resolution to Combat Online Anti-Semitism

"Islam Does Not Like Christians"

Getting to know Italian MP Nirenstein: straight talk on Christian attitudes to Islam and Israel, and on multiculturalism in Europe..

Italy's MP Fiamma Nirenstein:"Islam Does Not Like Christians"