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A decade later: Murderer of IDF soldiers caught

Shin Bet catches Gaza terrorist involved in organizing 2010 attack in which soldiers Ilan Sviatkovsky and Eliraz Peretz murdered.

A decade later: Murderer of IDF soldiers caught

Fallen IDF soldiers Eliraz Peretz and Roi Klein saluted at their homes

Parents and children serving in army along with reserve soldiers stand for minute and salute families in memory of their fallen.

Fallen soldiers Eliraz Peretz, Roi Klein saluted at their homes

Slain Brothers Remembered with Gifts for Soldiers

Two brothers who fell in combat are commemorated with holiday gifts for 1,000 soldiers.

Slain Brothers Remembered with Holiday Gifts for Soldiers

Yeshiva Named for Maj. Eliraz Peretz

Amit-Eliraz Yeshiva in Petach Tikva receives new name as it opens in new building.

Yeshiva Named for Maj. Eliraz Peretz

Learning from Tragedy, IDF to Use Safer Grenade

The new grenade will not explode if struck by a bullet – as happened to grenade that killed Major Eliraz Peretz.

Learning from Tragedy, IDF Develops Safer Hand Grenade

Miriam Peretz Honored by Maagalim

Mother of Uriel and Eliraz gets standing ovation from 1,500 young women, as she receives prize for 'belief.'

IDF Heroes' Mother Miriam Peretz Honored by Maagalim

Peretz House Safe - For Now

The house of the family of IDF soldier Eliraz Peretz is safe, for now - but it will eventually be demolished, the government told the High Court

Peretz House Won't be Demolished - For Now

Expulsions and an Exception

The High Court is expected to order on Sunday the expulsion of Jews from outposts while allowing the home of fallen IDF officer Peretz to remain.

Court May Order New Expulsions while Saving Peretz Home

New Bill on Demolition of Homes

New bill initiated by MK Carmel Shama Hacohen calls for approval by Knesset committee before demolition of any home in Judea and Samaria.

MK Shama to Initiate Bill Preventing Demolition of Peretz Home

Barak Asks for Time on Razing

Defense Minister asks court to give him a one-month extension regarding demolition of homes in Eli. Netanyahu: heroes' homes won't be razed.

Barak Asks for More Time on Heroes' Condemned Homes

Will Hero's Home Be Saved?

Home of fallen fighter Eliraz Peretz is on the chopping block but ministers vow to find a solution.

Netanyahu, Barak 'Trying' to Save Hero's Home

Torah Dedicated to Peretz Bros.

A Torah scroll was placed in a Givat Ze’ev school in memory of the late Uriel and Eliraz Peretz who died during their IDF service.

Torah Dedicated to the Late Peretz Brothers

Sister of Killed Soldier Marries

Sister of Eliraz Peretz gets married in somber ceremony, visits graves of her two brothers, both fallen IDF soldiers.

Sister of Killed Soldier Marries

Slain Officer’s Home to be Razed

The government apparently has “compromised” and will destroy a slain soldier's home because it allegedly is built on Arab land, Channel 10 reports.

Report: Government to Raze Home of Slain IDF Commander

Slain Soldiers' Killer Taken Out

A terrorist who killed soldiers Eliraz Peretz and Ilan Sviatkovsky was killed in battle by a soldier who studied in the same yeshiva as Peretz..

Terrorist's Killer, Victim from Same Yeshiva

Barak: Postpone Eli Destruction

Defense Minister asks Supreme Court to postpone destruction of 12 homes in town of Eli. Two homes belong to fallen IDF heroes Klein and Peretz.

Barak to Supreme Court: Postpone Razing of Heroes' Neighborhood

Editor Sorry for 'Jihadists' Jab

Haaretz assistant editor Uri Tuval apologizes for calling a fallen soldier and his family “jihadist fascists.”

Haaretz Editor Sorry for Calling Fallen Soldier 'Jihadist'

Deadline for Heroes' Homes Nears

The state has to provide a timetable for demolition of IDF heroes' homes in Eli by April 16. The cabinet will discuss the matter after the holiday.

High Court Deadline for Razing Heroes' Homes Draws Near

Ashkenazi Comforts Family

Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi visits bereaved family of one of two soldiers killed in fight with Gaza terrorists on Friday.

Ashkenazi Comforts Family, Addresses Soldiers

Maj. Eliraz Peretz Laid to Rest

'You were always out in front of your soldiers, it was bound to be you who would be hit first,' Golani Brigade commander says in eulogy.

Maj. Eliraz Peretz Laid to Rest

Soldiers' Funerals and Zionism

Funerals of two fallen soldiers today; Peretz’s death touches upon many aspects of the modern religious-Zionist experience.

Fallen Soldiers on the Cutting Edge of Zionism