El Matan

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Shooting attack prevented in Samaria community

Shin Bet foiled shooting attack in El Matan. Terrorist wanted to attack Jews in response to fight with his parents.

Shooting attack prevented in Samaria community

Firebomb Attack Victim's Mother: We See Miracles

11-year-old Ayala Shapira is improving – and her mother attributes that fact to numerous miracles her daughter has merited.

Firebomb Attack Victim's Mother: We've Seen Miracles

Ya'alon Demands El-Matan be Declared Legal

Ya'alon has begun to promote the legislation to approve El-Matan as part of the Ma'ale Shomron municipality.

Ya'alon Demands El-Matan be Declared Legal

El-Matan Residents Demand Reopening of Safer Road

Residents of the Samaria community of El-Matan are demanding that the government reopen a safer road that had been closed to them.

El-Matan Residents Demand Reopening of Safer Road

Mosque Construction in Contempt

High Court discusses an appeal over an illegal mosque in Burin. The construction of the mosque is in “contempt of the law," say judges.

High Court: Burin Mosque Construction 'in Contempt of the Law'

State: Seal Up Illegal Mosque

The official State position is that an illegal mosque in Burin, south of Shechem and near Brun, must be sealed. So it informed the Supreme Court.

State to Court: Illegal Mosque Must be Sealed

State: Seal, Legalize Shul

Decision is the first time that a leftist motion leads to legalization of Jewish building in Judea and Samaria.

State Wants to Seal El-Matan Shul But Legalize It Too

Netanyahu Saves Synagogue

Netanyahu swings to the side of nationalists and orders Barak to ignore a court order to seal an "illegal” synagogue in Samaria.

Last Minute Rescue:Netanyahu Saves Synagogue Slated to be Sealed

Synagogue Members Ready for IDF

The residents of El-Matan plan to make the sealing of their community synagogue by security forces "as difficult as possible," they say.

Residents: Army Won't Have an Easy Time Sealing Synagogue

Rally Against Synagogue Sealing

Hundreds of protesters demand that El Matan synagogue not be sealed, citing unhampered construction of an illegal mosque in nearby Arab village.

Rally Against Synagogue Sealing: Selective Enforcement is Racism

Tension over Mosque, Synagogue

PA Arabs angered by call to save synagogue, accuse Jews of seeking the demolition of a nearby mosque.

Tension over Mosque Repairs, Synagogue Demolition

Students Volunteer in Samaria

The L'Herut Tzion movement organized a volunteer program for overseas students to work and live in the Jewish hilltop community of El Matan.

Overseas Students Volunteer to Strengthen Hilltop Community

"Israel Will Seal a Synagogue?!"

El Matan synagogue to be sealed off after holiday period, says court. MK Danon: "If this is the first course of peace, what will be for dessert?"

Synagogue to be Sealed while Mosque is Built Illegally

Synagogue Demolition Protest

Jews from the village of El Matan and activists from L’Herut Tzion demonstrated on Wednesday against US pressure to destroy their Synagogue.

Protest in Jerusalem Against Synagogue Demolition