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Eitan Behar

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Audio: Swedish Activists Rally for Israel

"Zionism should be a given. It is Jewish self-governance and it's a human right," stated local activist Saskia Pantell, one of the speakers.

Audio: Swedish Activists Rally Against Anti-Semitism

Watch WZO's "Hate Stops Here" Rally

The World Zionist Organization marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day and International Day for Combating anti-Semitism.

Watch WZO's "Hate Stops Here" Rallyplayer

WZO's "Hate Stops Here" Rallies Streaming Live

The WZO and Arutz Sheva will simulcast world wide rallies to counter Judeophobia live at 7:00 PM Israel time.

WZO's "Hate Stops Here" Rallies to Stream on Live Videoplayer

Can Anti-Semitism Around the World be Combated?

In an exclusive interview, the director of the Center for Countering Anti-Semitism speaks of the harsh realities of the world we live in.

Can Anti-Semitism Around the World be Combated?

Stockholm: Over 1,000 in Pro-Israel Rally

Protest hailed as the first pro-Israel event held in such a central location in 10 years.

Stockholm: Over 1,000 in Pro-Israel Rally

Fly Internet Israeli Flag for Independence Day

"It's 64 years of Israeli independence. As Zionism renews itself, so does technology," says the World Zionist Organization.

WZO Lets Users Fly an Internet Israeli Flag for Independence Day

Zionist Conference to Take Place in New York

Pro-Israel supporters are taking action to counter the BDS campaign with a special conference in New York. Min. Yuli Edelstein will speak.

Zionist Anti BDS Conference with MK Edelstein to be Held in NY

Zionist Anti-Semitism Conference

An interview with Yaakov Hagoel of the World Zionist Organization on the anti-Semitism conference in Paris, which confronts Judeo-phobia.

We Can Fight and Beat Anti-Semitism, Says World Zionist Org

Iddo Netanyahu's Holocaust Play

"Jabotinsky would have approved," says Yael Shmargad of the Herut Women's day care centers across Israel. The group is celebrating 60 years.

Play Written by Netanyahu's Brother at Herut Women's Benefit