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Govt. Allocates NIS 17m for Arava Oil Cleanup

The government authorized an expenditure of NIS 17 million ($4 million) for the reclamation of damaged areas of the Arava.

Govt. Allocates NIS 17 Million for Arava Oil Cleanup

Officials Warn: Keep Away From Oil Spill Site

A study by Environment Ministry scientists shows that there is a high level of cancer-causing elements in the area of the Arava oil spill.

Officials Warn Israelis to Keep Away From Oil Spill Site

Netanyahu Vows to Prevent Future Pipeline Leaks

Prime Minister Netanyahu tours breach in Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline, which many are calling a major environmental tragedy.

Netanyahu Vows to Prevent Future Pipeline Leaks

Class-Action Suit Filed Against Oil Pipeline Co.

Lawsuit to the tune of 380 million shekel calls for damages to the National Parks Authority, Eilat residents over oil spill.

Suit Filed Against Pipeline Company for 'Environmental Disaster'

Eilat Oil Spill Leaves Jordanians Short of Breath

80 Jordanians suffer trouble breathing over the border as Israel struggles to contain 1,000 cubic meter spill caused by car accident.

Eilat Oil Spill 'Not Foul Play'