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US Group Launches ‘African Voices for Israel’

American Voices in Israel, promoted by major US Jewish groups, launches Africa’s Voices in Israel to widen support for the Jewish State.

US Group Launches ‘African Voices for Israel’

Body of Missing American Tourist Found in Israel

The body of an American tourist who went missing early Friday afternoon was discovered near Beit Shean.

Body of Missing American Tourist Found Near Beit She'an

Iran Puts Off Execution of Christian Pastor

Iran has put off the execution of Christian Pastor Yousof Nadarkhani, but it is not clear for how long.

Iran Puts Off Execution of Christian Pastor

6 Arrested in Stabbing of Jaffa Christian Leader

Six Christian suspects arrested in connection with the murder of the leader of Jaffa (Yafo) Christian community, Gabriel Cadis.

6 Arrested in Stabbing of Jaffa Christian Leader

U Texas Grad Student on Trial in Tehran

An Iranian graduate student at the University of Texas may face years of prison in his homeland. He is now on trial in Tehran.

U Texas Grad Student on Trial in Tehran

Christians Fleeing Egypt, NGO Reports

An Egyptian NGO reports mass Christian flight following Mubarak’s downfall. Up to 250,000 could leave this year.

Christians Fleeing Egypt, NGO Reports

Maronite Christians Worry: Who Will Replace Assad?

Lebanon's Maronite Christian community is worried that Syria's brutal president will be replaced by a worse regime: radical Islamists.

Lebanon's Maronite Christians: Who Will Replace Syria's Assad?

Peace in Monotheistic Traditions

A special conference was held this past week on the subject of peace in monotheistic traditions. INN TV was there.

'Religion and Peace Should be Researched'player

Egypt: 12 Dead in Muslim Attack

Twelve die as Muslims in Cairo attack a church, vowing to “defend Islam.” Second church burned.

Egypt: 12 Dead in Muslim Attack on Church

Christians Defend Brethren in ME

American Christians are speaking out against Muslim mistreatment of their brethren in the Middle East.

Christians Speak Out Against Muslim Mistreatment in Mideast

Book Launch: Judea and Samaria

Yesha leaders meet with Dutch Christian Zionist leaders, and members of Christian Friends of Israel, who express their solidarity with Yesha towns.

Dutch Christians Give Book to Yesha Leaders, Show Solidarity

Russian Prelate Wants Dress Code

The Russian Orthodox Church, newly empowered under Putin, is becoming increasingly influential.

This Chaplin Does not Like Tramps

Pope: Christians are Persecuted

Christians – not Jews – are the world’s most persecuted minority, says the pope. The US declines to point fingers at Muslims. Iran blames Jews.

Pope: Christians Replace Jews as ‘Most Persecuted Minority'

Israel Tours in Mary's Footsteps

Israel's Tourism Ministry has launched a new campaign offering tours to spots where it is thought that Mary, mother of Jesus, traveled and lived.

Israel Launches Tours in the Footsteps of Mary

Plight of Christians in Sermons

Christian churches continue to be targeted and Church leaders increasingly abandon quiet diplomacy and speak out.

Persecution of Christians Hits Radar

Congo Visitors "Love Israel!"

36 Christians from the Congo are here for their church's annual trip to Israel, saying, "We love Israel, and all Africa loves Israel!"

Visitors from Congo Declare: "Africa Loves Israel"player

Egypt Votes Despite Boycott

Polls opened in Egypt for the second round of parliamentary elections despite opposition boycott. Christian, Islamist representation to decline.

Egypt: Polls Open Despite Boycott, Fraud Allegations

PA Seeks Foot in Israeli Door

PA blurs the Oslo Accord lines, building roads illegally in Israeli territory and criticizing Christians for not supporting its attempts to do so.

PA Seeks to Build Roads in Israel

Egyptian Christians 'in Danger'

Muslim mobs seething since Al-Jazeera claimed that Christians were stockpiling weapons to fight Muslims on Israel's behalf.

Egyptian Christians in Danger as Muslim Threat Grows

PA to Restore Bethlehem Church

The PA plans a major EU-funded restoration project at the Nativity Church, which was damaged by PA terrorists in 2002.

PA Seeks European Money to Restore Nativity Church

"Islam Does Not Like Christians"

Getting to know Italian MP Nirenstein: straight talk on Christian attitudes to Islam and Israel, and on multiculturalism in Europe..

Italy's MP Fiamma Nirenstein:"Islam Does Not Like Christians"

Middle East: Bad for Christians?

Two-week Vatican conference of bishops underway to discuss the future of the dwindling Middle East's Muslim-threatened Christian communities.

Bishops Discuss Middle East Threats to Christians

Christian Arab Female Combatant

First female Arab combat soldier in IDF says she is proud to serve Israel.

First Female Arab Combat Soldier in IDF

Israel Restores Christian Site

Site of Jesus’ baptism on border with Jordan under threat of pollution from Jordan River.

Israel Works to Restore Christian Pilgrimage Site

Churchgoers Heading to Holy Land

South Florida churchgoers are heading to the Holy Land in droves, just as the best part of summer gets underway in Israel.

Churchgoers Heading to the Holy Land in Droves

Anti-Israel Film for Christians

A new evangelical film will try to persuade pro-Israel Christians to support the Palestinian cause.

Pro-Israel Christians Targeted by New Anti-Israel Movie

Jordan to Bishop: Beware Israel

Jordan has warned that Israel wants to evict non-Jews from Jerusalem, but statistics show the number of Christians dropped during Jordanian rule.

Jordan Says Israel Threatens Christian Sites in Jerusalem

Arabs Stone Christians

Five Christian volunteers were lightly wounded by Arab rock-throwers in Har Brachah; the town’s security officer fired in response.

Arabs Attack Christian Evangelists in Samaria

Polish Bishop 'Misquoted'?

A Polish bishop claims he was misquoted by an Italian Catholic website that said he believes the Holocaust was a Jewish invention.

Polish Bishop Claims He Was 'Misquoted' on Holocaust

Studying Local Christian Exodus

Christian exodus from PA-controlled area continues, religious freedom under Moslems unlikely – yet Vatican document blames “occupation.”

Vatican to Study Christian Exodus from Middle East

Christians Back Jews in Greece

Christian citizens in the small Greek town of Ioannina massed just before their biggest holiday to demonstrate their support for Jewish neighbors.

Christians Rally to Support Greek Jews

Christian Allies to be Honored

A Hungarian pastor whose newspaper helped change attitudes towards Israel during the war in Gaza will be honored by the Knesset Christian Caucus.

Christian Allies to Be Honored in Jerusalem

Video: Sukkot 'Love' March

“Love” was the keyword in Jerusalem Tuesday, where thousands of Christians marched in the annual Sukkot parade under the threat of Arab riots.

Video of Sukkot March: Praise the L-rd and Pass the Israeli Flagplayer

Christian Zionist Feast in J'lem

An annual Christian event during Sukkot promoted as an international celebration in support of Israel has anti-missionary activists concerne

Christian Zionist 'Feast' to Draw Tens of Thousands to Jerusalem

R. Riskin Retracts, Explains

A Christian Embassy video features Rabbi Shlomo Riskin using language that some Jews charge is theologically problematic. Rabbi Riskin explains.

Rabbi Riskin Explains 'Resurrection' Remarks

Was Jesus Just a Normal Human?

In a new book, Prof. James Tabor of the University of North Carolina says that history clearly shows Jesus never claimed to be G-d in his lifetime.

Revisiting New Testament: Was Jesus Just a Normal Human Being?