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Jimmy Carter Backs PA Bid to United Nations

Jimmy Carter, the guiding hand behind the endangered Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty, urges the UN to recognize the Palestinian Authority.

Jimmy Carter Backs PA Bid to United Nations

Carter Makes Second About-Face

ADL head Abraham Foxman takes on former President Carter over his invective on Israel, which followed an apology for similarly harsh remarks.

ADL: Carter Has Forgotten His Apology to Israel

Does Carter Back Jewish Rights?

Carter said confiscating homes is not fair but apparently was not referring to Jews forced out of their Jerusalem homes in the British Mandate.

Does Carter’s Opposition to Confiscating Homes Apply to Jews?

Carter Blasted by Terror Victims

Delegation headed by Jimmy Carter chose to tour Jerusalem neighborhood in which Arab terrorism is a daily occurrence.

Terror Victims' Group Tells Carter Shiloach Visit 'Despicable'

US Renews Sanctions on Syria

Sanctioned by the United States since the Carter administration in 1979, Syria is back on the state-sponsored terror list for the 30th time.

US Renews Sanctions Against Syria For 30th Time

Carter is a ‘Liar,’ Charges ZOA

Jimmy Carter made headlines last month with an “apology” for slandering Israel. His statements since then prove him to be liar, the ZOA charges.

Jimmy Carter is a ‘Liar,’ Charges ZOA

Carter: I Sinned against Israel

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is asking for forgiveness for stigmas he caused against Israel as a result of his peace agenda.

Jimmy Carter: 'I Repent For Stigma I Created Against Israel'

'Carter Engineered Video Swap'

Hamas leaders report that former US President Jimmy Carter played a role in the “terrorists for video” swap last week.

Report: Carter Engineered Terrorists-for-Video Swap

Carter to Return to Gaza

Jimmy Carter told a Baptist Convention he will return to Gaza this month "to try to let the world know what's happening to the people there."

Bible-Thumping Carter to Return to Gaza

Carter and Hamas vs. Obama

Hamas jumps on Carter’s coattails and some leaders say it is ready to recognize Israel. Obama aides reportedly are livid at Carter’s interference.

Carter-Hamas Friendship May Stalemate Obama

Carter: Take Hamas off List

The Obama Administration should remove Hamas from the terror list, former US President Jimmy Carter said today after visiting Gaza.

Carter Wants Obama to Remove Hamas from Terror List