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Bulent Arinc

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Turkey Accuses Kurds of Ethnic Cleansing in Syria

Deputy PM Bulent Arinc turns tables on fight against ISIS, claims it's Kurds who are 'ethnic cleansing' to create autonomous state.

Turkey Accuses Kurds of 'Ethnic Cleansing' in Syria

Turkey Opposes Independence for Iraq's Kurds

Turkish government says it is against Iraq's Kurdistan region splitting off, after PM Netanyahu called for Kurdish independence.

Turkey Opposes Independence for Iraq's Kurds

Turkey: Israeli Compensation Not Enough

Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister says his country will not be satisfied with Israel simply paying compensation to the Marmara victims.

Turkey: Israeli Compensation for Marmara Victims Not Enough

Turkish Diplomat Underlines Need for Peace

A veteran Turkish diplomat underscores the importance of renewing ties and maintaining peace with Ankara's former ally, Israel.

Exclusive: Turkish Diplomat Points to Need for Peace With Israel

Turkey Reports Progress in Talks with Israel

"This problem will be solved at a second meeting, and if not enough, at a third one," Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister says.

Turkey Reports Progress in Talks with Israel on Marmara

Turkey’s Dep. PM Hopes for Full Ties with Israel

Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc is to lead the negotiating team in talks with Israel next week and hopes to soon restore ties.

Turkey’s Dep. PM Hopes to Restore Full Ties with Israel

Mavi Marmara 'Victim' to Donate Funds to Jihadists

A flotilla passenger on the Mavi Marmara who is likely to receive funds from Israel says he will give the money to Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Mavi Marmara 'Victim' to Donate Compensation to Jihadists

Israeli Ambassador Cancels Event, Cites Turkish PM

Israel's ambassador has joined other Jewish leaders in abandoning a high-level interfaith German event to protest Turkish participation.

Israeli Envoy Abandons German Event, Cites Turkish PM's 'Lies'

WJC Cancels Appearance Over Erdogan Comments

Erdogan’s anti-Israel statement causes WJC official to cancel his planned participation in an event attended by Turkey’s Deputy PM.

WJC Official Cancels Participation in Event with Turkish Deputy